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By Backlash1975
Central Iowa
Great Line
September 28, 2019
Great line. I am using some 10 year old 30lb pink fireline on a couple of my rods and it has never let me down. After about 5 years I hooked the end of the line to another reel and reversed the line to bring the bottom never used line to the top of the new reel. I do this with all my braid lines. I may change it out this winter just because I think it might be getting weak but it has not failed. I’m not an everyday fisherman or every weekend for that matter but it has seen use every year.
By scott
Brooklyn, NY
Very strong line...
July 5, 2019
I got this to setup my trout and panfishing rod/reel setup. It is a lot stronger than I expected with a very light and thin. (I don't know if this matters, but the color makes it look amazing on the rod/reel :-) ) I really like this braid compared to the mono or fluo lines I used in the same tested weight. Two thumbs up.
ProsColor, strength, and light weight.
By Debra
Carl Junction Mo
January 4, 2019
I love my fireline and Tackle Direct for the great prices! I don’t fish, but I sure do create fantastic beading creations, and I know they are strong and will never fall apart as long as I use my Fireline. Thanks Debra
By Otto's d.
New Jersey
Berkley Fireline Original...
August 31, 2018
Have been using this line for years....great breaking strength and wind knot resistant....good stuff.
By Jessie
waldwick, nj
Great but a lot of mullah
June 20, 2018
stuff is great but it is very expensive. User a backer of Mono to save yourself a ton of cash if you plan to spool this stuff.
ProsGood strong line.
Conswould rather use for freshwater than saltwater. Make 50- 8lb test please.
By Michael
Fishing the globe
Simply the best
April 30, 2017
I use Berkley fire line for everything, from my freshwater set up to my saltwater surf setups. There's no better line in the industry in terms of casting and durability. It's smooth, it's flashy and the smoke black makes any reel look extra appealing!
By Rob
Columbus, OH
Good for First Time Braid User
November 8, 2016
I've fished for most of my life, always using mono. Over the past couple of years as I've gotten into more saltwater fishing, I've really wanted to try braid for buck tailing and plugging but have been nervous about the challenges with wind knots and careful handling you read about online. A number of times I read about Fireline being a more "forgiving" superline, not as prone to wind knots, etc. I've used the line for 2 outings so far and everything has gone well. If things continue down this path, I'll be changing over more reels to Fireline.
By Jason
Centereach, Ny
Tried this line
August 4, 2016
I tried this line and wasn't very pleased with it at all. Definitely better lines out there.
Conswind knots
By Mike S.
Great line
September 4, 2015
Super strong and great casting distance without tangles.
By tommy g.
great line last two years without changing
May 17, 2015
one of the best lines i have ever used.
By Michael
Marietta, GA
April 24, 2015
I was skeptical trying out a new line, I've never used a fused superline before and don't think I will be going to switch from braid now that I have. With very little use I've already got some fraying. Other than that it's ok.
By Brian
lake worth , florida
January 27, 2015
# test is very underrated. caught many 4+ pound bass on the 6lb version.
By John b.
Cranberry, PA
Best line for jigging Lake Erie perch
November 2, 2014
2775 Lake Erie perch last year. my boat catching fish and the boats around us watching us, There is no stretch in this line, you can feel the bottom in most cases. I just purchased next years line for all my reels. can't wait for APRIL 2015!
By Charles
Newport, RI
Breaking strength much higher that spec'd
September 22, 2014
I've only tried two types of braid so limited experience with many types of line but I've logged a long season so far. Both fireline and power pro super slick 8 are exceptional lines. The breaking strength is very much underrated. Local shop said 30# breaks at 70#. I use 20# for surf fishing Newport. In retrospect I would use the 30# as I would prefer to bend hooks than lose my $20 needlefish. I also use 10# on my inshore rod. Which I've wrestled 42" stripers in on.
ProsIncredible sensitivity, this line combined with the right rod allow you to feel the subtle differences in bottom. I have had no birds nests with fireline. Incredible durability, I prefer the smaller fireline diameter as it minimizes sailing in the wind. Stuff casts a mile. I use a double uni when connecting my line to flouro leader and line to backing.
ConsCost. But it lasts quite a while. I use 20# mono as backing and fill my VS250 with about 180 yards of the 20# Fireline. When it wears out, I have the local shop remove the line, flip it attaching the worn end to the backing.
By shane
, Augusta,mi.
great line
September 19, 2014
Great line...casts easily and never breaks.
By chris
Strong, but flat and not round
September 11, 2014
This stuff is beyond strong. That's the good news. The bad news is that it doesn't pack down well, because it's flat like dental floss. Stick with suffix 832
By Jonathan
Southampton, NY
Fire Line 20lb Test
September 9, 2014
Wanted to try some different line after two new spools of power pro let me down this season. I heard a lot about how great Fire Line is so I gave it a try. It casts great, no breakage and no wind knots so far. This stuff is really strong, yet sensitive and easy to tie knots with. Color fades pretty quickly and it tends to fray and come apart sometimes, but it doesn't seem to affect performance. The 20lb line diameter is equivalent to 8lb mono and 30lb power pro. I bought a 300 yard spool of 20lb test thinking I needed about 50 yards or so of mono backing to fill the spool. Well, I had to take the mono off because I was over spooling and still had close to 75 yards of Fire Line left on the filler spool. Not a bad thing, just a heads up to anyone who doesn't know its thicker than power pro of the same lb test. Great line and high recommended.
By james
arverne, NY
August 10, 2014
I use this line on my VS150 and find it easier to tie knots and I gets less snarles than braided lines.
ProsEasier Use Less Tangles (wind knots)
By Alon
Petach Tikvah, israel
great line
December 22, 2012
i use this for ul saltwater fishing, and it's just great. casts very far and i didn't get bird's nests at all. i use the palomar knot and it works great

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