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By Lance
Marshall, MO
Hot lure.
September 21, 2022
Lost my rattletrap on a underwater tree, I've loved fishing this bait since being a youngster.
ProsDrives fish crazy.
ConsHard fishing around sunken structure.
By Zebraland
Great lure!
August 21, 2022
This is my go to when I need to catch fish. Great luck with largemouth, crappie and channel.
ProsGreat price from TackleDirect!
By Jay T.
Ontario California
fish love them
May 16, 2022
The bass and sometime's crappie love these things when the shad are spawning. I've caught 8-10 pound bass on them. They work well other time's as well.
By Mark
South Georgia
Nothing like a classic
March 6, 2022
Great fish finder. Never without a Rat-L-Trap!
By Pyro C.
Snyder, TX
Very Fishy Lures
February 12, 2022
I have used Rat-L-Traps for decades to catch Walleye, Trout and both Small & Largemouth Bass. If the fish are there, these things will catch them.
By jim o.
great lure
October 18, 2021
the fish love it !
By J B.
Walleye slayer!!
August 12, 2021
Walleye love this bait on the Upper Mississippi river!!
ProsMatch the hatch Pick up Walleye and Smallmouth
By Tom
March 21, 2021
Great lure. Fished with these my entire life
By Tom
Spring, TX
February 15, 2021
I've fished rattletraps my entire life. They are a classic that consistently produces fish at a great price.
By JimP
Nokomis florida
Every cast
February 13, 2021
I bought this to match Florida greenback baitfish and caught jacks on every cast! The rat never lets me down.
ProsBest noise level in a lure
By ben
a classic
November 30, 2020
everyones gotta have a couple of these
By Ricky
Poor quality
August 30, 2020
When did the quality get bad on bill lewis rattletrap ?? I have fished with them for many years and have always loved them. Lately I have noticed the quality is not what it once was. I was fishing yesterday and 2 different rattle traps (lake fork special ) peeled apart. There was just a sticker on the side of the bait and it peeled off and I was left with a chrome blue back bait. Not close to what I am used to with these baits. Very disappointing for a 1 time go to bait..
ProsGood action and sharp hooks
ConsPoor workmanship in building the bait. For that price they should last more than 1 trip...
By Eric B.
San Jose ca.
August 29, 2020
I had just caught a small bass with the trout Colored rattle trap . This one was 20 years Old at least . Let a friend borrow and he lost it . I was very happy to buy 5 of the same lure because this one works very well in the lakes by My house .
By Joe
Sandstone, MN
I bought a perch rat-l-trap
August 23, 2020
Fish eat perch. This lure looks like a perch. Therefore, fish strike this lure. GO VIKINGS !!!
ProsCatch fish a lot
ConsNot every cast catches a fish
By jesse
Avalon, CA
great lure!
June 15, 2020
My favorite go to bait when you can't get a bite.
By Jeff
Rootbeer rattle trap
June 15, 2020
My go to bait on river systems
June 10, 2020
Favorite # 1 must have lure
By Annie
Carrollton TX
My go to bait
April 30, 2020
Its a great bait for bass
By Lance
Wilson, NC
Great color
April 6, 2020
Awesome color for clear water for somewhat shy bass... roll it fast give it some pops then roll it slow..repeat... bass cant help but nail it!!!
ProsAwesome bait! Winner in my tackle box!
By Lance
Wilson, NC
Bass Slammer
April 6, 2020
Cover alot of water throughout all of the water columns to find the bass. Cant crank though the water hard or slow roll it... cant beat the beat the classic!
ProsAll around year bait to throw!
By William
, Gwd sc
The original
March 30, 2020
Catches big ol pond bass
By Brent
Alton, IL
One of the greats!
February 17, 2020
It’s a classic! It’s still here because it flat out gets fish!
By Kenny
Columbia, Maryland
all time favorite
January 4, 2020
I've used all sorts of lipless. the rat-l-trap is a clear winner in my box. it produces way more fish than any other cranks i own
By Milton S.
Great backup for the 1/4 oz
November 27, 2019
This bait is great. Based on the shad size it works well along with using the 1/4 oz . You can throw it far and slow reel it also.
By Matthew
Nichols, New York
Great smallmouth lure
September 7, 2019
One of the best smallmouth lures ever produced. My son and I have caught big bish with it consistently for years.
By Dave B.
Castro Valley CA
Awesome lure
June 13, 2019
Great lure for all types of water. Strippers and black bass love this lure.
ProsCasts a long ways. Awesome color.
By Mike g.
Moncks Corner< SC
Great price - quick service
May 6, 2019
The purchase worked out well for me. Thank you.
Prosgreat price
By Matt N.
Sarasota fla
#1 must have lure.
May 3, 2017
This lure catches every kind of fish that I target. Fresh water , salt water , doesn't matter. It is my go to lure when I am scouting out a new area.
ProsMany options in color and size
By heon
Columbus, Ga
It catches fish
April 23, 2017
Very easy to use, proven fish catching lure. You can't go wrong. Just have to pick the right color based on environment.
By Tony
Pasadena, MD
Great Rat-L Trap
December 1, 2015
Tons of colors to pick and sizes. Must have in any tackle box.
By Daniel
Effective lure for any species of fish
May 19, 2015
Great action and sound, and entices all sorts of species of fish regardless of the situation.
By Alex
California, MD
Classic favorite
May 3, 2015
When I am on a boat with my friend and we happen to see a blitz, we will cast these Rat-L-Traps and catch fish every cast! Highly productive on bluefish and stripers. I replace the hooks with small VMCs. I highly recommend this lure!
By Db
new york, NY
rattle bait
April 14, 2015
Rattle fir trout.. beautiful classic lure for even in the saltwater.
By Jacob
Hampton, VA
Red Slayer
February 23, 2015
I got put onto RAT-L-TRAP lures by another local kayak fisherman who told me how well they troll at kayak speeds for reds and speck on the inshore creeks and grass flats. Casting these are equally as effective when working shore banks around the preserves and refuges where we find plenty of pups and specks this time of year. This bait is by far one of the better inshore casting and trolling lures in my kayak arsenal. Their size also allows me to carry up to 9 of them in a Waterproof 3600 series Plano case, which gives me an upper hand.
ProsMovement in water Sound attraction quality of build
ConsSince these aren't the Saltwater versions, hook maintenance and freshwater rinsing are paramount after a day out.
By andre
Boynton beach, FL
great freshwater lipless crank
February 1, 2015
This lure swims great and cs tubes bass, snook, peacocks and many other species
By Cristian
Lake worth, FL
January 30, 2015
this has some really good swimming action for bass and surprisingly snook
By Brian
lake worth , florida
my go-to
January 27, 2015
always a pleasure fishing with this lure!!!!!!!
By Michael
Good lure
January 27, 2015
Awesome lure for largemouth awesome swimming action
By Andreas
Fremont, CA
great lure
January 22, 2014
great lure for bass
By Jimmy
Texarkana, AR
Original Rat-L-Trap
January 4, 2014
Best bait around for black bass and white bass from mid-Summer to early Fall when their biting fast moving crankbaits. Chrome Black Back and Bleeding Shad are the two most productive colors for me. Fish it on 12# fluorocarbon using a 7' rod and high speed reel to cover a lot of water.
ProsCatches fish. Period.
By Mike D.
The BEST most Versatile Bait on the market!
July 26, 2013
The "Original" Rat-L-Trap made by Bill Lewis Lures ranks at the top of my arsenal. You can take this bait to any lake in the country, whether it is in the South, North, a clear deep lake or a shallow river system, this bait is guaranteed to catch fish! I fish a lot on the Tennessee River and Coosa River and this bait cant be beat in the Spring or the Fall! The bait speaks for itself! Tie one on and I promise from experience you will not be disappointed!
By FishingFree
Worst Lure EVER
July 19, 2013
I purchased this lure a few weeks ago! The first time I used it, all the paint came off. I called the maker of the lure and they refused to give me help. I would go with a different company
By Sean
Santa Fe, TX
Must Have
July 11, 2013
If you are looking at this item, you are a fisherman (or fisherwoman), this is a must have for either fresh or salt water. No matter what time of year, I never leave the dock without this lure. It's a great locator bait that allows you to cover a lot of water, and causes a reaction strike even when the fish aren't biting. If you want to catch more fish, throw more traps. Tight Lines!
By Lance D.
United States
Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap
June 18, 2013
I've been using this brand all my life. It's by far the best! The best part about their lures is they're very easy to use. I simply throw it out and reel it in and the fish will hit it. It dont really require a hard hook set. The hooks that come on the lure are super sharp! It works all year round for me. My personal favorite color is chrome and black in the 1/2 oz size! That is pure poison and matches great to what most fish feed on. It works great in freshwater and saltwater! There are a lot of different brands out there and it can confuse a fisherman but the Bill Lewis is the best in my opinion! They have been around the longest and have a unique rattle that really triggers the strike! I wouldn't go fishing with out one!
ProsThe price point is great and they work extremely well
ConsI haven't found any yet! I've been very happy with this brand of lures
By Elvis J.
Jeanerette, Louisiana
Top lure in America not just Louisiana
June 18, 2013
The Rat-L-Trap by far is the best lipless crank bait in the world. It works in Louisiana all over especially Toledo Bend, la. The Crawfish colors and the red Colors are great for catching lunkers and limits. Sam Rayburn, Texas use the reds also. California the best is shad colors. Florida use the silver blue or silver black backs. You just have to have in your tackle arsenal.
ProsYou will catch more bass redfish and trout when you use them. You will gain your confidence in this lure if you use.
By Mike
Gloucester, NJ
June 18, 2013
I am a competitive angler from southern NJ. Our state is one of the most populated states for its size, meaning very pressured lakes. In the spring and fall my number one go to hard bait is the 1/2 oz Rat-L-Trap. I like the red colors like Rayburn red zombie in merky water, and flashy colors like Chrome blue back for clear water. Expect crushing hits when ripped from grass or bumped off debri. I believe the sound of this baits sets it apart from other hard bait competitors. And the Mustad triple grip hooks keep the fish hooked up! Awesome baits!
By Trey B.
Greenwell Springs, LA
Nothing Like It!!
June 12, 2013
The Rat-L-Trap is a very productive lure not only for searching for bass for an upcoming tournament but to also load up the ice chest. It truly has a knack for imitating a live bait fish's look, sound, and vibration and the fish just can't resist it. I love to use the new 1/2 oz super nova series in the RED HEAD GLASS NOVA color for clearer water conditions and the 1/2 oz super nova series GREEN LIGHT TIGER color for stained to dirty water. They both pack a punch of light and color in every retrieve especially after being ripped out and through grass beds. The LIV-N-SOUND coupled with the new SUPER NOVA luminous light and color technology makes it irresistible in open water applications. I am a tournament angler in Louisiana and the Rat-L-Trap is a MUST in my boat year round.
ProsThe most bang for the buck, last forever, endless color combinations, top of the line fish catching technology!!!
By Kat
Father's Day FAVORITES
June 12, 2013
Everyone is alway searching for something to give Dad on Father's Day! Well here is the answer for Dad, if he is an angler. RAT-L-TRAPS are one of the very oldest, tried and true, proven fishing lures on the market. Make it a great day by purchasing a variety of RAT-L-TRAPS and give him a day on the water to relax and bring in a "hog"!!
ProsGreatest lipless out there. Very durable, easy to cast, versitle and takes nothing but someone to reel it in!!!
By Cole
Bloomington, Indiana
Best Rat-L-Trap
June 10, 2013
This is the best hardbait to use I have caught more bass on these then any other bait! The best technique is to reel and stop for a second or two and reel some more and repeat!
ProsUser friendly
By MillwoodLakeGuideService
Millwood Lake, Arkansas
Best Lipless Crank Available!
June 9, 2013
We have literally lost count of the thousands of Florida Bass our clients have caught on Millwood Lake in sw Arkansas on these lipless cranks over the last few years. Having ran Millwood Guide Service for over 22 years, this is hands down, our go-to bait for clients wanting to put fish in the boat. We prefer the 3/4 oz size simply bc it gets a better reaction with larger bass, but when kids and dads show up to just "catch something" the 1/2 oz size gets the nod and is the first bait we tie on their line. Muddy water? No problem, go to the 3/4 oz in Red Shad, Toledo Gold or the new Zombie Shad patterns. Water too clear? No problem, drop down to the 1/2 oz size in Silverado aka, Millwood Magic, or Diamond Dust or any of the natural shad patterns and reel fast. Hang on because you are about to experience the thrill of the fight. Largemouth cant resist these and line size simply doesn't matter unless you want it to fish deeper, then drop to 12;lb test. Otherwise, we crank these all day on 17lb test and get bit when it counts.

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