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By Stephen
New Jersey
Must have in tackle bag
September 18, 2022
Great action and best casting minnow style lure
ProsCast great A lot of color choices
By JRAhooker
El Centro, Ca
Amazing lure
September 12, 2022
Hooked up to cabrilla almost every cast. Even hooked a dorado!
ProsGreat lure
By Keith
Great plug
August 28, 2022
Saw this new color. Figured I’d give it a try. I was not disappointed.
ProsCasts great
Great Casting & Wonderful Action
August 13, 2022
There is a lot to love about this lure. It's the best casting lure i've seen in it's weight range. I can chuck out the 6 inch version (1 1/4 oz) as far as the Rapala Long Cast 14 lure which weights nearly 2 oz. It has a very enticing action. Obviously, it's only as good as the species that are around, as it's quite a large lure. It doesn't dive deep so you will have to let it sink if you want to work more bottom areas.
By Justin
Wichita, KS
Pure confidence
August 11, 2022
Had to order more after one trip with this. Don’t regret not adding this to your arsenal!
ProsAll of the best qualities.
By David
Bonita, CA
Awesome casting lure
August 7, 2022
They work great for cubera in the sea of Cortez. They cast great!
By Jackson
Auburn, Alabama
July 14, 2022
Caught 3 striper back to back and can't wait to surf fish with it and see what I can't hang into!
By Joey m.
Long Island ny
Bunker so
June 25, 2022
Nice action early summer this is a must have in tackle bag I hit Spanish mackerel gator blues and striped bass on it very happy
By Andy
Monson, MA
Can't Go Wrong With SP
June 24, 2022
I love the floating version so I decided to give a sinking a shot. Works pretty good, but swims funny. Still likely to catch fish.
By Pedro E.
Parque Nacional Morrocoy, Falcon, Venezuela
Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow best
May 25, 2022
Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow maybe with the best color to cast near inshore or coastal trolling, for groupers, snappers and barracudas, maybe more colors need more options like a yellow
Prosgood quality catches varied fish good for inshore and coastal trolling, casting is also good,
Consneed variety of color maybe one yellow
By Jack
fish jump on this
May 23, 2022
love slicing this up top to have fish rip em. brought in a few too small, but some great keepers.
Prosprice; really attractive to fish
Conswish there were even more color options
By Jack
solid product
May 23, 2022
normally a rapala guy, but on a whim bought these, and they have not disappointed. get great distance with em. i squeeze a lil pro cure just for something extra and works great.
Proslight as a feather; price
By Jorge
Brandon, FL
May 8, 2022
Cast good, good action, good hook. Worth the investment
By Jorge
Brandon, FL
Just amazing
May 7, 2022
It works nice and dives as advertised. I really recommend it.
By Jorge
Brandon, FL
Great action
May 7, 2022
Great action, casts great due to beat design. Hooks and split rings need to be changed out as they get bent up easily on big stripers or blues.
By Jorge
Brandon, FL
Amazing lure
May 7, 2022
These lures are legit. A must have in every anglers tackle box for surf fishing.
By Jorge
Brandon, FL
Great lure!!!
May 7, 2022
Caught multiple species and amber jack as big as 20 pound! You must have these in your box!!
By Jorge
Brandon, FL
Casts well with nice action
May 7, 2022
Casts well, nice action. Will be getting more colours.
By Andy
Monson, MA
SP Minnow
May 4, 2022
Hard add to what the others have already said, It's an SP Minnow and they work.
By Peter
Great search bait for striped bass and blues
April 28, 2022
SP Minnows are great for figuring out if there are bass & blues in the area. It travels a couple of feet down and is deadly with a quick twitch retrieve. I will often switch to a topwater bait (more fun) once I've gotten a few on the SP, but nothing beats these when the gamefish are at or near the surface. Consider putting on stronger split rings and trebles - they are fine for most fish, but you'll occasionally be outgunned when a bigger fish takes the bait.
By Billy
Fantastic action
April 27, 2022
Made of good material. Great action only thing I wish it would come with inline hooks instead
By Rob
Medford Lakes, NJ
Great Lure
April 16, 2022
Good for stripers!
By Chris
Utica, NY
Great lure
March 26, 2022
Great lure, I've used it all over the northeast. I do replace the split rings with wolverine ones and stronger hooks.
By Billy
Fast food
March 12, 2022
This color is beautiful. It shiny and has that red to imitate a wounded fish. Fast food and the silver ones are my fav
By Billy
Sand eel
March 12, 2022
Looks exactly like a sand eel. Quality product, I just don't like trebles so I swap it out
By Billy
Buy now
March 4, 2022
Great action and design. Hooks could be better but good price for what it's worth
By Billy
March 3, 2022
Everything is great wish it came with inline hooks
By Billy
A must buy
March 3, 2022
You need a SP minnow always in your bag. Catches everything at a fair price
By Jonathan
Miami, Florida
Expect a good catch
February 21, 2022
Performs great near the surface after a long cast from shore or boat.
By Chris
Swansea, MA
its like a rapala for salt water
January 22, 2022
i like these lures, they definitely catch fish and are easy to work. i have found that putting teasers on the trebles does alter the action though. also everyone says to swap the hardware out. so i always have, but that also means im not sure if there is any truth to that.
Proscolors and action. only 10 bucks or so
By Mike
Long Island
Great lure
January 12, 2022
Great lure, they flat out catch fish.
ProsGreat lure
ConsCheap hardware, hooks and split rings need to be changed out.
By Tim
Berwyn, Pa
great minnow lure
January 4, 2022
great lure that simply catches!
Proscheap, casts good, and easy to use!
Conscheap hardware
Deadly Lure
December 24, 2021
The legendary “SP” Minnow. Super Productive lure both day and night.. Great Casting lure due to the internal weight transfer system.
ProsGreat action, even in rough conditions Excellent ?castability?
By Kevin
Striper Minnow lure
December 12, 2021
Got the Purple Black for Stripers in the dark lurking for these minnow. Caught a few stripers with these lures.
By Mike
Top 5 Striper lure
November 12, 2021
Easily a top 5 Striper lure especially from shore. Catches way more than Stripers though
October 30, 2021
By Matthew
Sp minnow
October 13, 2021
SP stands for super productive. Gotta have a few of these in your bag. All time lure right here folks
By Luis A.
good cast
October 11, 2021
give me many catchs
Prosgood and long cast
By Dom
Cape cod
Blurple SP minnow
October 11, 2021
Great go to lure when fishing the surf. Love the purple color at night.
By delong
flushing, NY
best blue fish killer
October 10, 2021
use it and catch gator blue!
By Alvaro
New Jersey
The best for the big blues and stripers
September 23, 2021
With a well balance wobbling-rolling aciton, a good cast, and specially, with an incredible resistant triple hooks, this lure is a must for the big blues and the stripers
By Adrian
Boston, MA
Striper catching menace
August 20, 2021
Take this thing striper fishing inshore, offshore. Jerk it on slack line with cadence like a freshwater jerkbait, and it absolutely mercs the bass.
ProsCatches fish
By Curtis
6 3/4 sinking Laser Sardine
August 2, 2021
This lure is great, you can cast it a long ways easily and it has great presentation in the water. I use this mainly for casting at schools of Jacks and Reds off the Jettys.
By Manny
Monterey CA
Surfcasting for stripers? This is a great lure
July 24, 2021
I catch a lot of stripers on the surf using this lure. Consistent!
By Francis
Martinsburg, WV
Fish catching machines
July 16, 2021
If there is a school of breaking fish and you throw this in the middle of them you will catch one.
ProsGreat action. Casts nice.
By Jeremy
North Walpole N.H
Great lure
July 3, 2021
Great lure Cast extremely well awesome side to side action looks like a fleeing bait fish
ConsReplace you?re a snap rings and upgrade your hooks
By John T.
Palm City, FL
Very visible to predators!
May 28, 2021
This plug is strong and doesn't need any mods. The finish is highly visible and mimics pilchards which are a common forage for snook and tarpon.
By John T.
Palm City FL
Great plug for SE FL
May 28, 2021
Strong HW right out of the box, nice natural color for snook and redfish.
By Emmanuel
Edinburg, TX
Great action
May 27, 2021
Catches fish
By Emmanuel
Corpus christi, texas
Excellent lure
May 26, 2021
Catches fish

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