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By Brian
Paso Robles, CA
The very best line you could ever fish with.
October 9, 2022
This is the second version of super slick and they have perfected it this time .. knots do not slip , I tie many different kinds and no slippage .. if you want casting distance , there is nothing equivalent to this line , not even J-braid grand ! I have used both . I have also compared this line to many other braids . This line launches through your guides like greased lightning and it very tough ! I won’t use anything else these days .. In the surf , I use the 30 pound version (which is only the equivalent of 8 pound mono in diameter) . I have this on my Van Staal VR50 and Okuma SST Medium action , 10’-6” rod. I throw a 5/8 Oz. LuckyCraft so damn far I can’t even see it hit the water .. I do really well with this set up.. You will not be disappointed with this line.
ProsLine strength , knot retention , castability..
By John
Gulf Shores
Some tough stuff!
October 8, 2022
Great line for the surf and rough conditions, comes off the spool clean to help with casting distance.
ProsTough. Good price for high grade line.
By Travis
Dallas, Oregon
Great Line!!! Best Line!!!
September 18, 2022
Amazing braid. It is the best hands down. Knot strength is phenomenal. I love the color specially when fishing all day and into night u can still see the braid!!!!! Helps detect bites at night. Love this braid and will not use any other brand. Cast like a dream!!! Knots do not slip. And is strong!!!!!
By Travis
Dallas, Oregon
Great Line!!!
September 18, 2022
I love Power Pro. V2 is hands down the best braid on the market. I never have any issues with it. Yes color fades but that just let's me know that it's time to re-spool. The green matches my Mach 2 setup and just the best braid ever!!!
By Kim
Annandale, VA
Smooth as Silk
September 16, 2022
Power Pro is the standard and I trust it’s consistency. The V2 version makes the texture into silk compared to more textured standard version. Both fish equally well but the v2 makes less noise against the ring seats as one would expect. Aqua Green is comparable to the other hi-vis colors. 15lb test was good compromise for 2500-3000 series reel.
By Nick
One of the best braided lines!
August 31, 2022
Would always buy it yearly! Never seen to fail. High quality braided line!
By Kevin
Naples, FL
the best braid out there
August 8, 2022
best braid out there
By Kevin
Naples, FL
#1 braid
August 8, 2022
#1 braid, will last you a long time
By Kevin
Naples, FL
great braid
August 8, 2022
never have a problem with wind knots
By Alex
Nashua, NH
Very Solid Line
July 25, 2022
I put Max Cuatro right now before this, but its a my definite 2nd line to go to. Its Smooth and casts very far. Strong line also.
By Mike
New Jersey
Strong line
July 25, 2022
Cast well very durable
By Jeff L.
Meriden, Ct
Power pro super slick v2 aqua green
July 21, 2022
Super slick is all I use now! Super smooth, the hi vis green is awesome for seeing slack line when a soft bite happens!
ProsSmooth, hi vis, slick helps with casts. Doesn?t shred your finger after casting all day!
ConsA little expensive.
By Rob
Glenside, PA
Great Line
July 18, 2022
Great product. Worth getting the 1500 for $200 then 500 for $95. Able to spool up a few reels with this and loving it. Smooth and durable.
By Donny
Cartersville, GA
July 1, 2022
Spooled this on several of my Spinning rods for recent trip to the beach. Like the Super Slick over the regular Power Pro.
By Ed
Piscataway, NJ
June 8, 2022
This is the only line I use on all my reels, Love this braid !
By Alexander
Richmond, VA
May 23, 2022
durable and great color!
By Thomas
Hammonton, NJ
Love it
May 19, 2022
Can’t go wrong with this braid
By Billy
A must buy
May 17, 2022
I love this braid from powerpro. It's smoother than the sufix 832 8x strand. No problems yet
By Josh
May 6, 2022
I am a long time fan of power pro and when I saw this line I jumped on it. Big mistake if you are a braid to leader kind of guy. The line is very slick and casts very far but thats the ONLY good thing about it. You cannot tie an FG knot because it will slip from it being so slick. Then I went to my old braid2leader knot the uni to uni and I lost multiple fish with the leader breaking at the knot. This never happens with the regular textured braided lines I use be they Power Pro or Sunline or Suffix. STEER CLEAR of this line unless you are fishing braid directly to your lure or hook in which case you might be OK. I would still recommend a drop of super glue on the knot after you tie it.
ProsCasts very far.
ConsWeak knots of leader connections. FG knots will slip instead of digging in as it is supposed to.
By David
Murrells Inlet SC
Power Pro v2
May 4, 2022
This braid works amazing on my Penn Battle III reel's.It casts a mile.I have it in 15lbs and 20lbs.I will only use Power Pro V2 braid on my reels now.
By Michael
Great braid!
May 2, 2022
I’ve got 50 pound spooled up on my BG 4500. It has been great dropping for snapper or drifting live bait for Tarpon.
ProsCasts great, durable
ConsMake sure you tie good knots, it is slick.
By Valmore H.
North adams, Massachusetts
The rolls of line had splices in it both rolls
April 29, 2022
I reviewed this earlier I forgot when I was putting the line on my poles there were numerous splices in it like when you join old line to new .I recommend this product to fish with because these rolls got past the quality control person.
By Peter
Best Casting Braid
April 28, 2022
Super Slick V2 is all I use to cast light artificials. It casts great - noticeably better than the 4-stranded weaves. Easy to tie knots. I use it from both the beach and the boat and have no complaints about abrasion resistance. It's the best all-around braid that I've encountered.
By Doug
Berkley ma.
Looks good
April 16, 2022
Can't wait to use
By Nathan
Buy Quality
April 14, 2022
Spend the extra few bucks for the best braid on the market.
By Ryan
Hampton, Virginia
Only line I use.
March 29, 2022
Huge improvement over the first gen SS. It’s pretty much the only line that I use now. Doesn’t have that super waxy coating either so the line doesn’t change in feeling much after being fish. Has really good color retention as well if that matters to you.
By Jonathan
Southampton, NY
20lb ss v2
March 28, 2022
Good stuff once it gets broken in. First few outings were windknots after windknots for both spools I bought, but after a while I had less and less trouble with them. Line is thin, strong, casts well, but no noticable difference over regular powerpro and holds knots well, even improved clinch knot. Which is usually a no no with braid.
By Anthony
Best Braid
March 24, 2022
I always loved the original power pro braided line, and the V2 is everything it was and more. Always have my reels spooled up with this line, never have any issues.
By Ham94
Fort Myers, FL
holding up well
March 23, 2022
I have this on my surf reel and has not faded yet. seems to cast good and feels stronger than regular braid.
By Larry
Brooklyn NY
Can’t believe how great it looks on my reel
March 22, 2022
I spooled this on my avent reel. Powerpro is my go to line from now on.
By Wayne
P-Line Braid
March 17, 2022
Great for casting reels. Lees rats nests.
By Todd
Cincinnati, Ohio
Moonshine for Nightime
March 9, 2022
This is by far the best braid for night fishing. Glows well in uv led lights even when it looks like it has lost its color.
Prosglows well casts great
By Stacy
Best braided line
March 6, 2022
Have been a fan of PowerPro for years, but the v2 is another level. Casts extremely well, but better still, comes back through the guides smoothly and quietly. Knot strength is great, although can slip if not tied properly and pulled tight.
ProsQuiet, smooth retrieve through guides
ConsKnots can slip unless properly tightened
By Thomas
Awsome line
February 3, 2022
Great color, super smooth, best line I own.
By Thomas
February 3, 2022
By Thomas
Super Smooth
February 3, 2022
Best, strongest, and smoothest line on the market
By Chris
Swansea, MA
January 22, 2022
i use 50lb super slick for most of my top water setups and smaller rods. i have never had a problem with its strength, but i have noticed that after heavy use the coating does come off and can cause the line to look discolored or or frayed. by the time this happened it was usually time to respool anyway
Prospretty much eliminated wind knots for me
Consdoes look discolored or frayed after time
By Tommy
Georgetown, DE
Love it
January 15, 2022
Love this line currently have 3 rods spooled with this line
By Michael
Elgin, SC
Excellent inside/freshwater line
January 9, 2022
Everything from largemouth in a pond to chasing red in a creek this line has performed beautifully!
ProsSmooth, thin, strong
By Ronald
Newport Beach, CA
Great Product!
December 30, 2021
Awesome line... definitely my preferred brand of braid. I opted for the Max Cuatro the next time though because it was for a spinning reel.
By Jason
San Jose, CA
December 29, 2021
Strong, and smooth, big roll.
Long Island
Great for Fluking
December 21, 2021
Used all season for bucktailing for fluke with 1/2-6oz Jigs. Haven't had any breaks or fraying in the line. I've also caught 15lb bluefish on it accidentally with no issues. Great thin diameter makes it easy to hit the bottom with minimal scope.
ProsStrong Thin
By Willy
Capo Beach
Cast like a dream
December 1, 2021
Changed out my old Power Pro on all my bait casters to the Super Slick V2 and noticed right off that it casted farther. Now I've spooled all of my spinning reels with it and couldn't be satisfied with the outcome.
By James
Pensacola, FL
The only braid I use
October 29, 2021
Consistent and reliable 8 carrier braid. It’s the only braid I use on my inshore and surf reels. Will never go back to mono.
ProsAwesome color options Diameter over mono Castability
ConsNone to date
By delong
flushing, NY
NO. 1
October 10, 2021
My first pick fishing braid line,because its strong enough and cast far enough! I prefer power pro super slick V2,better than brand. If you you want to jig ,go Berkely X9
By Samer
Best braid line I've used
September 17, 2021
I've tried other brands, and I usually use PP 4 strand braid, but this super slick braid takes it to a whole other level. The line is super smooth, very abrasion resistant, and I've experienced zero wind knots so far, whereas I was suffering from wind knots with my PP 4 strand braid before. It's also silent when you're casting or retrieving. I highly recommend this product. One very minor issue with the moonshine color (which shines under UV light), it leaves just a little bit of yellow residue, so the coating will eventually wear off.
By Gerald
Coldspring, TX
PowerPro Super Slick V2
September 2, 2021
Power pro works very well for me. I use it for long casting as well as its strength.
By Allan A.
Los Angeles
improved casting
August 27, 2021
I use a 10' Super Seeker Ulua with a TAC12II to cast a variety of jigs. The super slick v2 braid definitely casts and handles better.
ProsImproved casting. Lays down on the spool well, doesn't bind as much as regular spectra.
By Chase
Manassas, VA
I switch between power pro and spider wire but I love the new v2
August 19, 2021
Amazing and lasts long time. Great line and worth the price.
ProsBest price for best line
ConsStill it?s a little expensive
By Manny
Monterey CA
Great Line!
July 24, 2021
My surfacing distance has improved using this line.

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