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By Andy
Brooklyn, New York
Strong Fluorocarbon line
October 17, 2020
Get them! It stands strong against big fishes. Can use for a long time.
By Brian F.
20 Lb Leader
July 24, 2020
The go to leader for flounder and trout.
By Brian F.
Only leader I use
July 24, 2020
Awesome Leader Material
By Tylor K.
Bishopville, MD
Great product
July 8, 2020
Great for tying leaders onto braid when inshore fishing especially in shallow water.
By Kyle M.
Only Leader I ever use
June 14, 2020
Seaguar blue label has been my go-to for inshore fishing for at least 5 years. Consistent performance and reliability.
By Dave
Denver, CO
Affordable flouro
May 17, 2020
Best bang for your buck on flourocarbon!
ConsThe spool is a bit clunky
By Martin S.
Favorite Go To Fluorocarbon Leader
May 6, 2020
Very strong and abrasion resistant. Soft resin coating making knots less likely to cut into themselves like fluorocarbon is notorious for.
By James
Phoenix, AZ
Crystal clear!
April 14, 2020
Worked excellently with my powerpro braid! Perfect for finicky eaters! Near invisible in the water!
By Mike C.
Good price
January 27, 2020
Works great in my leader dispenser
By Stephen
Portland, ME
Great product
January 24, 2020
Holds knots like nobody's business, extremely tough, great leader to use with braid... FG knot and forget about it.
You Can’t go wrong with Seaguar
November 24, 2019
Excellent quality!
By Michael
Elgin, SC
Great fluorocarbon
November 9, 2019
If you use braid, this is the leader line for you!
By Milan
Phoenix, AZ
The best FC leader
October 21, 2019
The best leader of this diameter (4.6lb)
ProsSmooth, Knoth strength
By Ron M.
Bulverde, TX
Go-to tippet
June 12, 2019
No other fluorocarbon compares to Seaguar blue for knot strength. Forget about your knots. Tough, resists coiling, delivers consistently, at every pound-test.
ProsThe Very Best Knot Strength
By Matthew
Fort Worth, TX
Great Product
June 5, 2019
Best leader material I have ever used, great abrasion strength. Saved me loads of fish over the years!
By Steve K.
Pa. / Delaware
Seaguar 20FC25 Fluorocarbon Leader Material 25yds
March 27, 2019
really disappears in the water. Easy to tie knots.
Prosgood quality
By Gary
NJ - New Jersey
Great Product
March 4, 2019
Just an overall good product.
By Mike
Monterey Bay, CA
Great leader material!
January 26, 2019
I use the Seaguar for a shock leader coupled with the FG knot for all my fishing gear when fishing braid lines. Very smooth, abrasive resistant and strong for those heavy surf days at the beach. I highly recommend this product for your needs freshwater or saltwater.
ProsSmooth , strong , abrasive resistant .
By Joey g.
Leading line leader
January 22, 2019
Leaving behind led leading line leader of the past
By Joe
Leader in leader
January 22, 2019
Led lead leaderly
By Mike
Monterey Bay , CA.
Always top choice !
November 24, 2018
I use Seagar Fluorocarbon on everyone of my braid loaded reels. Easier on your fingers than braid on spinning equipment, works great on casting gear, and is invisible underwater.
By Ryan D.
Rhode Island
You Get What You Pay For
November 8, 2018
As far as leader line goes Seaguar is my go to; yes it is expensive, but as stated you get what you pay for.
ProsGreat abrasion resistance
By Tony L.
Cape Cod Ma
Strong and great quality
August 11, 2018
With most of the stripe bass in my area being 20 lbs or lighter, this is a perfect lb test to use. I catch hundreds of bass and never broke a 30 lb Seaguar fluorocarbon leader and its soft enough not to tangle in my lures.
ProsPerfect strength
By Brian
Sanford, FL
Great inshore leader
July 16, 2018
Perfect leader for inshore snook to smaller snappers offshore. Very strong leader.
By Stephen
Ellicott City, MD
Best Leader for Saltwater and Freshwater
May 28, 2018
Seaguar flourocarbon leader is the best leader available and the only leader I use for freshwater as well as saltwater fishing. Tough, yet knot-friendly, it offers outstanding abrasion resistance.
By Lee
don't fear the rocks!
April 19, 2018
Really abrasion resistant- gives you a lot of confidence fishing in rocky areas!
By John
East End, Long Island, N.Y.
Seaguar Fluoro
March 24, 2018
Seaguar Fluoro is the only leader material I use. Great stuff.
By mike z.
Best leader on the Market
March 24, 2018
Best floro leader on the market!
By mike z.
Best leader on the market
March 24, 2018
Hands down best floro leader on the market
By Fred G.
Playa Bejuco, CostacRica
December 15, 2017
I'm in Costa Rica and all the fish have razor sharp teeth. Never lost a fish to a cut line. Love the stuff
ProsAbrasive tesistance.
By Jason
Musky leader
September 23, 2017
I only use seaguar for building musky leaders for fly fishing.
By Kyle
Strong and Abrasion Resistent
September 12, 2017
Great leader material. Strong and has great abrasion resistance. As a result, can be a bit stiff especially for 40# and up.
ProsStrength Abrasion resistance
By Dale
Columbus GA
one of the best leaders you can buy
August 10, 2017
always rely on this leader. We fish for larger bottom fish and the gulf and even when worn this leader comes through
By Al
Punta Gorda Fl.
The Best Flouro
June 12, 2017
Have been using this product since 2010. The only flouro I buy.
ProsNice and limp, knots seat well.
By Louis
Brick, NJ
Reliable Leader
April 20, 2017
Heavier leader that is easy to tie. Love this leader
By Louis
Brick, NJ
Reliable Leader
April 20, 2017
I've been using this leader for years and never have issues.
By Tim
nice mix of strength, abrasion resistance, & malleable up to 60lbs
March 16, 2017
nice mix of strength, abrasion resistance, & malleable up to 60lbs
Prosnice mix of strength, abrasion resistance, & malleable up to 60lbs
By Charlie
Boston, MA
Good stuff cheap. Cant find at BassPro or Cabellas.
February 22, 2017
Great buy for $7 bucks. Shipping kills the deal ,but couldn't find any cheaper!
By bjd76
Freeport, TX
Seaguar Fluorocarbon
February 8, 2017
Seaguar Fluoro is easier to work with and I believe I get more hits when using it. I use the "standard" 60# line for tuna leader material.
ProsEasy to tie knots with; durable
By Ryan
Clark, NJ
Works great
January 12, 2017
I use this for Striper and bluefish fishing and mostly holds up (unless a large gator bluefish bites in such a way that their razor sharp teeth get the leader). I would suggest making sure your knots are lubricated and cinched tight before deploying your bait or lure, as this stuff is pretty thick and not the easiest to tie many knots. I use either a simple clinch knot or double slip knot. Try staying away from palomar knot with this stuff, I find the 50lb test leader is too thick.
By George
East Elmhurst, NY
Great leader
November 21, 2016
I like 80 lb test in deep water and wreck fishing. Never had any issues with saguaro, excellent knot strength and very tough line.
ConsA bit stiff
By EddieS
October 28, 2016
My preferred line for my leaders targeting Blackfish
The best Flouro
October 22, 2016
Knots are true, high abrasion strength and truly invisible as evidenced by my superior catch ration compared to the other fisherman I'm standing next to. A must have for any fighting fish and any fisherrn worth hi/her salt,
ProsKnots are true, high abrasion strength and truly invisible
By Fred
Fluorocarbon leader
October 21, 2016
Have had great luck with seaguar leaders
ProsGreat leader material
By Fred
Seaguar floro
October 21, 2016
Great product that works well
ProsGoo price and reliable,consistent product
New Jersey
Almost Invisible.
October 4, 2016
This leader works great for many line shy fish, especially tuna and fluke (flounder). I believe it definitely increases my catch.
By Victor
ume√¬•, v√¬§sterbotten,sweden
May 29, 2016
Very strong leader with high abrasion resistance and good not tying properties! For reasons unclear too me i seem to catch more fish on it as well probably beacuse of it being less visible in the water. This is a really good brand of flouro and i would really recomend others too try it out if they have not allready!
By Victor
ume√¬•, v√¬§sterbotten,sweden
Best out there
May 29, 2016
I have been using a few different brands of flouro for a while now , trying to find the one for me. Seaguar has been one of those standing out. It has superior knot strength to many other brands.
By Victor
ume√¬•, v√¬§sterbotten,sweden
Strogn and reliable
May 29, 2016
I have been using a few different brands of flouro for a while now , trying to find the one for me. Seaguar has been one of those standing out. It has superior knot strength to many other brands. For reasons unclear too me i seem to catch more fish on it as well probably beacuse of it being less visible in the water. This is a really good brand of flouro and i would really recomend others too try it out if they have not allready!
By Victor
ume√¬•, v√¬§sterbotten,sweden
Supreme leader!
May 29, 2016
The best leader you will ever use ! Strong, abrasion resistant and still very easy to tie .
By Victor
ume√¬•, v√¬§sterbotten,sweden
Very good leader
May 29, 2016
I have been using a few different brands of flouro for a while now , trying to find the one for me. For reasons unclear too me i seem to catch more fish on it as well probably beacuse of it being less visible in the water. This is a really good brand of flouro and i would really recomend others too try it out if they have not allready!
By Matthew
Fort Worth, TX
Best Fluro out there
May 20, 2016
Solid Seaguar product!
ProsWorks great for Walleye!
By Barry
Long Island
Can't beat Seaguar
April 18, 2016
I've used Seaguar for years. You just can't beat it. I like the #20 for Reds and Snook.
By Barry
Long Island
Nothing Better
March 3, 2016
I've been using Seaguar for years. It has proven itself time and time again. The 60lb. is an excellent test for Bluefin and can be tied or crimped.
By Matthew
Fort Worth, TX
Best there is dont doubt it
February 11, 2016
Love Seaguar
By bear
seaGuar leader
November 5, 2015
One of the best Flour around for leaders or rig making
Prosinvisible and strong
Consno yest
By Sam
Smackdown fishing line
August 31, 2015
Break the line to easy . Cheap stuff. Didn't buy
Merchant Response:If it was breaking easy please send it back to Seaguar. It's a defective one.
By Travis
only leader material i use
June 9, 2015
never let me down very good leader material best on the market in my opinion
By daniel
san diego, CA
April 27, 2015
By Brian
lake worth , florida
great leader
January 25, 2015
never failed me except for the one time I got a spool with only 7 yards of line on the spool from this website. overall great product!
By Carlos C.
Arecibo, Puerto Rico
January 7, 2015
By Christopher
Point Lookout, NY
Best Leader
December 24, 2014
I fish all my best lures on it. Expensive but worth it.
Prosstrength visibility
By Shane
camarillo, CA
Best light test flouro
November 15, 2014
I use this line exclusively when carolina rigging for surf perch. Ive even tested this line with a piece of bait on a hook in the clearest, stillest water i've ever seen and little fish had no problem swimming right up and nibbling the bait, so i have no doubts the line is invisible to fish!
Prosinvisible durable
By Chris
Collierville, TN
Nothing Better
October 29, 2014
There is no doubt in my mind that fish can see the main line of a rod/reel. combo The Seaguar Fluorocarbon is ultra clear and is undetectable by fish. Another great bonus is the abrasion resistance. It will endure being rubbed against pilings, branches and other materials. A definite must have. I keep my leader around 40 inches for lures and bait fishing. The 15 lb is perfect for light inshore fishing for Pompano, Mangrove Snappers and Speckled Trout.
ProsTies great knots Abrasion resistant Ultra clear color
ConsA bit pricey
By Aaron
Lake Hopatcong, NJ
The best leader material
September 30, 2014
Really love this leader material. It has great flexibility as a shock leader and even at 30lb test is basically invisible in the water
By chris
The best leader material
September 19, 2014
This stuff is great! It's strong, abrasion proof, and completely clear. I use the 30 pound along with 30 lbowero for fluke fishing out of delaware
By Jeffrey
Hyattsville, MD
Just love this line
September 18, 2014
Low stretch & visibilty
By Jeffrey
Hyattsville, MD
Love this line
September 18, 2014
Low stretch & visibility.
By Mike
Best flourocarbon leade
September 17, 2014
This is super tough flourocarbon leader that is nearly invisible underwater with good knot security.
ProsAbrasion resistant, nearly invisible.
ConsKnots must be secured very tightly to prevent slipping.
By Jeffrey
Hyattsville, MD
Invisabile Leader Line
September 12, 2014
I always use Seaguar Fluorocarbon leaders to my main line when fishing for stripers off the beach.
ProsLow stretch and very abrasive resistance. This fluorocarbon line is invisible under water
ConsVery Prices.
By Saleh
Qatif, Eastern region, KSA
strong fluorocarbon leader
July 15, 2014
its really strong leader and nice price. my best experience with this leader it was 30 kg fish shore fishing. strongly recommended leader
By Joe
Great leader material
April 6, 2014
Seaguar is the only leader material I have used. It's knot strength is great and is crystal clear in water. I can only speak from saltwater experience. I have no need to try another brand. I have used and trusted Seaguar for many seasons.
ProsClear in water Strong knot strength
By james
arverne, NY
Seguar 30
March 12, 2014
Seguar Fluorocarbon Leaders come highly recommended and I have used the 10..25..and 30.. and have never had any issues.
ProsReliable Highly Recommended
By Shane
Camarillo, CA
6 lb
February 25, 2014
Good strength, very flexible and smooth. The small diameter makes it hard to tie in the wind but this stuff is practically invisible in the water. It does wrap around itself in the wind, but i was always able to undo the knot. Only had one unexpected break off with fresh line when casting a 1/2 oz Kastmaster spoon.
ProsInvisible Easy to tie Convenient line holder on the spool
Consnot good in wind Price- i would opt for flourocarbon line not leader
By Bob
October 30, 2013
Easy to work with and a handy dispenser
By Fred
September 15, 2013
Great leader
ProsPriced right
By Fred
Seagar line
September 15, 2013
All my leaders are Seagar because of the quality.
ProsPriced right
By Keith
Coral Springs, Florida
Good value
July 18, 2013
Product was competitively priced and was received in less than a week, so timely and reasonable.
ProsWorks as well or better than comparable Fluoro leaders, easy to tie and low-vis.
By Zachary
East Northport, NY
Must Have
August 10, 2012
Must have for all lighter tackle bottom fisherman. I use this whenever I am jigging with a buck tail for fluke.

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