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November 27, 2020
By Hwan S.
solid for bluefin at night
November 27, 2020
excellent for blue fin in southern calif coast outer bank. only wish it had little better glow effect
Prosexcellent fall action
Consnot enough glow in dark
By BKboy
Great jig
November 16, 2020
Caught a variety of species on this lure, including tuna and lingcod. Gets down to the deep water areas quickly.
By Brian
Tuna Killer
November 12, 2020
The jig is an excellent lure for deep vertical jigging. I just came off of a trip and caught 3 bluefin tuna up to 180 pounds, I did re-rig the jig by adding a top assist hook, but the jig performed flawlessly at depths exceeding 400 feet.
By Eric
Newark, Delaware
Don't hesitate to buy.
November 10, 2020
Caught Yellow-fin tuna with this jig, they can't resist it.
By Fishin D.
Left Coast, PRC
Glow Flat Fall for Tuna
November 4, 2020
Bright glow flat fall to use to bridle to large 12/0 circle for bluefin tuna night fishing. Gotta have one of these in your box
ConsNo hooks with jig. Expensive
By Ahmed
Great jig for groupers
October 10, 2020
This jig is very good for groupers as it doesn’t need to retrieve it all the way up, just strong stroke once hit the bottom and let it flatter slowly and expect a hit ;)
By Peter
Roff, ok
Just what I wanted
September 30, 2020
Prepping for an tuna trip and could not find them anywhere. Excellent service, arrived quickly and just what I needed. My new go to tackle supplier
ProsQuick service, exactly what I ordered
By Brian
Chesapeake, VA
easy to fish
September 12, 2020
You can just free spool it down and let the fish hit it. No need to tire yourself out with a jigging motion. However, it is a but pricey
Proseasy to work
Consexpensive for a chunk of flashy lead
By Adam S.
You must have these in your box.
August 31, 2020
Butterfly jigs are the best bait I have ever used. I have caught every type of fish in the ocean with this jig in chartreuse/white they are AJ and cobia killers. Love to cast them and let them sink or work them vertical. Unless current is bad then I use a knife type jig. Never fish without this bait in your tackle seriously!!!
Proscatch fish sometimes better than real bait. Throw this bait in front of any cobia and you got a strike guaranteed. In 3yrs 40 cobia caught.
ConsI dont like the hooks if you get a toothy fish you might loose them because of the braid .I use a 1/0 trebble or the same hooks with cable 65lb the split rings are a little weak, I upgrade those to.
By Donald
wilder, VT
butterfly jig
May 8, 2020
stripers love then great action
Prosgood price
By Van
Slow jig or cast and retrieve
May 7, 2020
So far these do exactly as advertised, they flutter and wobble on the fall. I love the colors they come in as well. These lures flash in brown and brackish river water. They also cast and retrieve well too and are fun to work with light tackle. If you cast them make sure your rod can handle 80 grams or 2.8 oz.
By Joe
Medford, NJ
80g Jigs
March 24, 2020
Awesome jigs for snapper, tuna, roosterfish, and pretty much anything else. I use these jigs down in Costa Rica. They come in plenty of weights and colors which can help narrow down the species.
ProsGreat colors Great sizes great action- especially on the free fall
ConsI prefer to twitch where the hooks are placed. With the hooks at the eyes and tying to the solid ring.
By Joseph
Lompoc, CA
March 6, 2020
great lure caught some great size fish
Prosfalls great
Consgonna have to clean lots of fish
By Cobb S.
Amazing jig
March 2, 2020
Great jig for tuna, Black Sea bass etc. lots of weights which makes it super versatile for different depths. Great jig
ProsGood paint and easy to use Lots of different colors Good sharp strong hooks
ConsExpensive but you get what you pay for
Jacksonville, FL
Must have
February 26, 2020
GLOW is the way to go. Fish tear it up.
By Rubberneck
Middletown, NY
250gr phantom squid color
February 7, 2020
I bought this lure to possibly jig some wahoo in the north east. For some reason i've had success with pink ronz and black/purple lures catching wahoo....so maybe this color will do well too.
ProsOther colors seem to do well with a variety of fish.
Conspricey - and get damged easliy
By Tamir
Great product!
January 24, 2020
Amazing holographic body and very comfortable to jig. Very recommended!
By Ed
Tuna killer
November 28, 2019
This jig is awesome! Quality all the way. caught over 20 black fin and jig is still in usable condition.
ProsEasy to use. durable and effective.
ConsPrice but you get what you pay for... toothy fish love them too and you will cry when the cudas steal it...
By Cam
New Jersey
November 21, 2019
Great jig from a great company. Good action in the water and works on a large range of fish.
north jersey
shimano flat fall jig 350 g
November 19, 2019
Spend 23.99 on a jig and it doesn't even come with split ring and hook, W T F??
Prosdon't have to worry about over fishing
Consto expensive to use as a sinker
By Pounder
Shimano Flat Fall
August 26, 2019
These jigs are the class of the field. Durable finish really holds up compared to the competition.
ProsColor and durable finish
By Fernando
San diego, CA Sea of cortez, Baja
Great jig
June 29, 2019
It is a very effective jig and something that I like about this lure is that it has a movement that, by going underwater, helps you to have captures
By Abdulmuhsen M.
Great lures
May 30, 2019
When the guys you go fishing with use different jigging techniques or use bait while you use these low effort jigs and land more and bigger fish it's well worth it. I have already ordered more as backup in case I lose some. Been using the 80g jigs in areas as shallow as 40 feet.
ProsLow effort and fun to use.
ConsSome of my jigs have the paint chipping off after two outings. However this won't prevent me from buying these, love them.
By Brian
Port St Lucie, FL
Good for many species
May 5, 2019
Have caught a lot of different species on these like snapper, grouper, AJ. Work great
Sandy Springs, GA
Best of the best
April 19, 2019
This thing catches all, AJs to snapper, careful toothy critters like them also
By Stephen A.
Black Seabass killer
January 30, 2019
Really love thes flatfall Jigs in recent years with all the new jigging rods that are out. Great action and killer for almost any bottomfish. Great for that late season black Seabass bite and for those stumble upon cod. Glow pattern is like a squid and they can’t resist.
ProsGood Hooks Durable paint job Great appearance and action
By Tony
Bluefin slayer
January 26, 2019
These are amazing lures.
ConsDoes not work without fish, not included :)
By Scotty
December 21, 2018
Perfect jig for any type of fish
By Edward
Panama City, FL
Good slow pitch jig
December 3, 2018
Worked well for red snapper. Only negative is the paint chips off after not much use. Toothy fish and hard bottom equals paint removal.
ProsFish like it
ConsPaint chips easily
By Manuel
Granada Hills, CA
Most Versatile Jig You Can Own
November 26, 2018
Pitch it out and let it free spool the bottom, reel it up how ever much you want and let it fall again. Cast it out away from the boat and let it fall for a while, reel it back towards you, let it fall again. This jig can be fishing in so many ways for so many species. It can also fish through all different water columns. Landed 3 large bonito on my recent trip to Catalina. The erratic action and silver flash entice fish. I would get hit on retrieve and on the fall. My favorite color is the Blue Sardine in 100g and 160g.
ProsGreat action Super versatile Sharp hooks Great variety of size.
ConsOnly thing I noticed was the split ring on the were not the best. I could use my finger nail to pry it open. Suggest upgrading the split rings on most Shimano jigs. Wish Shimano had more bait fish color for this jig wish the finish was a but more durable since tooth critters crush lead with there teeth and scrap off the colors.
By James
Great jig
November 16, 2018
Tuna candy
By John
San Diego
Jumbo Bluefin
November 15, 2018
I caught a 225lb and a 185lb BFT on these jig at San Clemente, but you have to switch out the hooks to a much larger 9/0 single, or assist rig for the jumbo BFT. Also must rig mono with an abrasion grommet at the eye. Let it flutter down 200-300 feet, and then 7-8 cranks, pause....and then again, pause...and so on. Don't set hook when fish bites just reel and don't stop until fish sets hook himself. Go for it!
Lacombe LA
Great Jig
October 25, 2018
I haven’t use this color, ; yet the zebra was my first choice and it is in good shape; still working fine great jig overall!!!
By sdc
Good for deep water
October 22, 2018
The Shimano 250g is great for deep water jigging
By Manuel R.
Recommend Hook upgrade
October 8, 2018
Great! Versatile Jig's from Tuna eating it on the fall or retrieve.
ConsFo the bigger fish these hooks are no good
By Rhyno1
So Cal
Butterfly jigs work great
October 4, 2018
These are a great addition to anyone's tackle box. Easy to fish and very productive. Match the hatch with your favorite colors.
By Chris P.
Rosemead, CA
Superb Quality and Easy to Use !
September 30, 2018
I never used jigs because I was a "live bait" guy for many years and never thought I needed to use jigs to catch fish. This year I decided to give jigs a try and so I searched around and spoke with many anglers on which type and/or brand to use. It seems the consensus was the "hottest ticket" right now to catching fish here in Southern California waters is using these Shimano Flat Falls, especially the glow in the dark ones. Let me tell you, they weren't kidding. These Flat Fall jigs are super easy to use and work really well for catching all kinds of fish! They are able to catch from your everyday Rockfish to a "fish of a lifetime" jumbo Bluefin Tunas! I would seriously recommend and if you are serious about your gear to give these Shimano Flat Fall jigs a try! You won't be disappointed!
ProsShimano Quality Ease of Use
ConsAssist Hooks
By sdc
Beautiful Jig
September 29, 2018
Nice looking jig
ConsPrice Hook rigging needs to be redone
By Pete
Bakersfield, CA
Shimano Butterfly Jigs 250gr
September 5, 2018
Great product for early morning Bluefin fishing in southern California. I use them every year on my long trips.
By Pete T.
Bakersfield, CA
Shimano Butterfly Jigs
September 5, 2018
Great product for early morning Bluefin fishing.
By Jonathon C.
Slow pitch + Glow
August 26, 2018
My new favorite color deeper than 50ft
By Greg
North County, San Diego
Great Looking
August 13, 2018
Nice looking lure and looking forward to using soon.
ProsGreat workmanship
ConsNone yet.
By Greg
North County, San Diego
Great Looking
August 13, 2018
Great workmanship and seemingly good quality
ProsHave yet to use, but should be perfect
By Baher M.
Springfield Gardens, NY
Amazing Lure
May 10, 2018
Work perfect, and Pink/Blue color is amazing
By Hussain A.
April 26, 2018
Nice color
By Hussain A.
April 26, 2018
By Hussain A.
April 26, 2018
By Sylvester
Tallahassee, Florida
AJ, grouper, snapper killer
April 6, 2018
Product worked as described
By Rudy
Jax, FL
Awesome jig
December 15, 2017
Great quality, awesome color pink/blue, frequently hit over the reefs, sharp hooks, fast shipping. Its just a little disheartening when you lose them because of the price.
Innovation that works
November 16, 2017
Once you beef these up to handle large saltwater applications, these lures and extremely effective
By John
Perris, CA
Shimano Flatfall Jig 200 gm
November 12, 2017
Performs great, fish love to eat this jig.
By Matt
Pompano Beach, FL
Tuna love these
October 10, 2017
Bonita and Black fin love these jigs. Every time I drop one of these jigs down, I catch of the those tuna. I have lost a couple from toothy predators like Kingfish and barracuda.
By Thomas
Great for Tuna
August 29, 2017
Works well for tunas. Can even snag a decent bass or rockfish on random occasions as it hits the bottom. However, when targeting yellowtail, stick to your traditional yo yo irons (tady, salas, etc.).
By Will
Orlando, Fl
August 24, 2017
When I first ran into these jigs, I said to myself "Hmm I wonder if these really work??" being that they're just a piece of lead with a flat shape and fancy paint! Well guess what fellow fishing enthusiast, these REALLY WORK! First time using one of them, I had the 130G targeting snappers and maybe some groupers, little did I know I hooked on to a speeding monster that almost melted my drag with a powerful run! I was not expecting that at all and to make matters worst, I was using my light tackle so I lost the fish before nearly spooling me! After that date I went directly to Tackledirect and loaded up on some, and ever since I've been getting my butt whoop hooking on to monsters with these Jigs!
ProsEase of use
ConsWill make you sore and hurt your back from fighting monster when using these!
By Johnson
oakland, CA
Good product
August 1, 2017
Well made. Works great. Fish love them
By Newton
Sunrise, FL
My favorite jig
August 1, 2017
The flat fall jig is so versatile that can be used with both fast and slow pitching techniques. But, of course, it is a slow jig (long fall works nicely). I usually place extra assist hooks but it's not mandatory. Snappers love it.
ProsEasy to jig It does catch fish
By Kai
Carpinteria, CA
Really easy to fish
July 31, 2017
A lot of guys try to fish these jigs like traditional west coast "iron", but don't. The secret is letting them fall, hence the name. They fall/flutter at pretty slow speed given their weight. Just make sure to give your line complete slack when they do fall, otherwise the tension from the line with impede the inherent action.
By yung
Cibolo, Tx
May 29, 2017
Great jig
By yung
Cibolo, Tx
Awesome jigs
May 29, 2017
Great detailed work
By yung
Cibolo, Tx
Awesome jig
May 29, 2017
Really good paint detail. Tuna candy.
By Eric
Oak Harbor, OH
130g Shimano Fall Flat Jigs
February 9, 2017
Great product! Very effective and easy to fish. I also use speed jigs and we just took a trip to the Bahamas and fished 100-200' of water for snapper and the 130g jigs were perfect for the deeper water. The fish absolutely love them and they require very little work to fish them. After a couple hours of speed jigging a 6 oz butterfly I needed a chiropractor. My girlfriend fished the 130g (4 oz) fall flat and caught more fish than I did and the only strain on her body came from the fish. They are a welcome innovation!
By Eric
Oak Harbor, OH
Shimano flat fall jigs
February 9, 2017
Great product! Very effective and easy to fish. I also use speed jigs and we just took a trip to the Bahamas and fished 100-200' of water for snapper and after a couple hours of speed jigging a 6 oz I needed a chiropractor. My girlfriend fished the fall flat and caught more fish than I did and the only strain on her body came from the fish. They are a welcome innovation!
By Ahmed
Doha, Doha
flat fall
December 20, 2016
I am using it on slow pitch , in case of high current I am casting it good quality strong hooks with amazing action in jigging
Amberjack candy
April 22, 2016
I used the chartreuse colored jig and caught a huge Amberjack on my very first drop. Afterwards, I ended up catching 3 more undersized amberjack (under 34") that I had to toss back into the water. Not once did I drop the jig and not hook up on an amberjack. I went fishing out of Galveston, TX. I did swap out the 2 hooks on the bottom of the jig and replaced them with one larger hook, and I installed a 2nd hook at the top of the jig. On a previous trip I also caught a skip jack tuna and a king fish... it attracts a wide variety of species
Prosthe drop will create all the movement/flutter on it's own; in other words you don't have to use a jigging rod and tire yourself out. amberjack candy. on a previous trip I also caught a skip jack tuna and a king fish
ConsI feel the hooks are too small and the jig cords too thin, especially if you hook into a sharp-toothed fish like a king mackerel. So I swap them out with danging/stinger hooks that I make myself.
By Christian
Orlando, FL
Great Lure
April 11, 2016
Does its job, what else can you say? Cast it in, open your bail and let it sink. Once it hits the bottom reel it in half way and let it drop again. Keep an eye on your line, once you see it moving, close the bail, reel in your slack and then hold on!
ProsQuality construction and strong hooks.
By Mat B.
las vegas, nevada
Fish Slayer 2
March 2, 2016
Watched a shimano rep outfish everyone else on the boat using live bait with these lures. My son got the jackpot fish on his 1st cast using this borrowed lure. A must have for any serious ocean fisherman!
By Mat B.
las vegas, nevada
Fish Slayer
March 2, 2016
Watched a shimano rep outfish everyone else on the boat using live bait with these lures. My son got the jackpot fish on his 1st cast using this borrowed lure. A must have for any serious ocean fisherman!
ProsWell made and can take punishment!
By W T.
Charlotte, NC
Nice action
February 18, 2016
Definitely catches fish. Everything from Sea bass to grouper to cobia.
ProsGood action
Constough to fish in 150 ft pluss
By Joseph
Lompoc, CA
February 1, 2016
I have yet to use it but it looks awesome hope to catch to ling cod with it.
By Bill P.
Jackson, California
Best iron on the market
January 11, 2016
These work great. These proved there worth on a recent overnight trip out of San Diego. My buddy and I using these caught 4 times more fish than others on the boat not using these baits. I will definitely be keeping these in my tackle bag.
By Fred
Columbus ohio
December 22, 2015
Looks great so far Has not seen the water yet so how it does is still up to the fish.
By Michael P.
Bloomsburg, PA
A must have according to a San Diego long range skipper
August 22, 2015
Was easy to use
Prossank fast to get into the zone, lot of action. Heard lots of reports while in San Diego, including the Royal Star skipper of one of the long range boats, (see his 8/20/15 fish report on his website, royalstarsportfishing.com) of this being a very successful jig.
Consunfortunately the tuna had a case of lock jaw the day I used it. Anxious to try again
Vancouver Island BC
awesome jigs
August 9, 2015
awesome jigs
By Newton
Sunrise, FL
Must have
May 28, 2015
On a hard fishing trip, I caught an amberjack and a kingfish with the flat-fall (color pink and blue). You get to know a good lure when you catch fish on a bad day.
Proseasy to jig, nice saltwater assist hooks
By Raiyan
amazing jig
May 27, 2015
Great jig that catches fish. They are a bit pricey but the fact that you don't have to jig it makes you forget the price
By Ken
Millburn, NJ
Nice jigs
May 12, 2015
I picked these to make jigging letss of a workout and because I thought the smaller lure profile would work well with tuna. I plan on letting these sink down with chunks at night in the NE. Can't wait to try.
ProsNice finish durable Nice size
ConsAvailability and price
By hani
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
best for slow pitch jigging
April 15, 2015
best shimano jigs for slow pitch jigging got on them tunas, trevally , jacks groupers ...many many fish really best value for money in this weight
By Jose
Great Lures !!!
March 8, 2015
We used in our last trip to Baja with outstanding results, jigging for white sea-bass we captured Three the first morning !!. Did better than dropping rigs with Squid on it !!!
ProsExcellent motion during fall !!
ConsNONE !!
January 30, 2015
VEry effective on rock bottom fishing. Here in Brazil, we do use it for bluefish, even small groupers.
Pros great colors. sharp japanese hooks.
By andre
Boynton beach, FL
Great shallow reef jig
January 30, 2015
This jig is great for snapper and grouper on shallow reefs
By andre
Boynton beach, FL
Great jig for deeper water
January 30, 2015
This is great for deep wrecks and reef for a variety of species
By andre
Boynton beach, FL
great bottom fish jig
January 16, 2015
This jig is much easier to use and causes no fatigue. The falling action is great for tuna, amberjack, grouper, and snapper
By Michael
Valencia, CA
Killer Jig for Tuna
October 30, 2014
I've fished the 80g flat fall a lot this season offshore for great results on the yellowtail, yellowfin, and skipjack. I prefer the lighter jig for my offshore applications since it sinks slower and stays in the strike zone longer. I've had equal hook up ratio on the fall as well as the retrieve. Unlike other Shimano Butterfly Jigs, you can just reel fast on a straight wind for the jig to kick and entice the bites. No need for any jigging cadence. This is my new confidence jig for my SoCal offshore trips.
Pros-Durable finish and quality hooks -Easy to get the jig to kick well on the fast retrieve
By David
San diego
Hottest lure on west coast
October 19, 2014
Was lucky to buy one of these jigs . And right off the bat caught a 20 plus yellowtal . Did exactly what the instructions said drop it till hits bottom reel up 30 feet and free fall and hold on .
By BillyJoeBob
Long Beach, CA
Shimano Butterfly Flat-Fall
September 17, 2014
A must have for Yellowfin Tuna. I was on a 2.5 days trip out of San Diego, fishing at San Clemente Island. I caught 16 tunas on Flat-Fall Jigs, 2 tunas on live baits. Live baits works, but you have to be at the bait tank and wait for deck hand. Me I just go to the front of the boat and drop my jig strait down. Most of the time I got bit on the drop. Because it drop strait down, I avoid tangle with other anglers.
By An
Seattle, WA
Flat fall jig.
January 28, 2014
sinks well and works great for bottom fish! relatively inexpensive yet effective slow fall jig
By Ilya
Amazin jig
January 19, 2014
Was catching striped bass, blue fish got different sizes base how deep you want to fish
By Ilya
Amazing Jig
January 19, 2014
Was catching striped bass, blue fish got different sizes base how deep you want to fish
By ilya
Amazing lure
January 19, 2014
Was catching striped bass, blue fish got different sizes base how deep you want to fish
By Alan
Eagle Point, OR
Shimano quality
January 6, 2014
It's a nice jig like most of shimano lures a little on the pricey side but nice
By Daniel
October 29, 2013
I got some nice Bluefish ok a NJ head boat with these jigs until the last one cut me off. Next time I will put on a steel leader.
ProsNice movements
By Daniel
killed the bluefish
October 29, 2013
I got some nice Bluefish ok a NJ head boat with these jigs until the last one cut me off. Next time I will put on a steel leader.
ProsNice movement

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