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By Bryan
Los Angeles
November 8, 2020
Great product, however, you should replace the hooks before heading out.
By Joe
Warwick, NewYork
My go to for Albies,bonito,Bonito, mackerel and Mahi Mahi !
July 25, 2020
I've been using these jigs going into my third season. This jig with a nice swing on the drop and great flash on the retrieve is a killer for false albacore and Bonito as we call them in the northeast . I've used as small as 28 grams with the 42 gram being the size that I use most. My favorite color is blue and pink as it's been the most consistent with all species. The green mackerel and ahi right behind. The Mahi in the photo was caught on a 42gram blue and pink .
ProsGreat faceted flash from all directions and consistently catches fish.
ConsThe finish could be more durable but even when the finish is destroyed by bluefish this jig still keeps catching
By Jesse
Great jig
July 24, 2020
Best all around all purpose fish catcher. From bass to tuna it does it all.
By jesse
Avalon, CA
good lure
June 18, 2020
I really like this lure, but my only grip is the treble hook is a bit weak. I suggest changing it out if you are going for bigger game fish.But other then that a great one for the tackle box!
By jesse
Avalon, CA
great lure
June 15, 2020
great all around lure. works great when fish are keyed on small baits and even the smaller one cast very well.
By Tamir
Amazing work on that jig.
April 16, 2020
Highest quality of holographic and paint job you could possibly get, no doubt. It looks unbelievably good and I love it, but Shimano is Shimano and for such quality you have to pay more...
ProsGorgeous holographic and paint job
ConsPrice of Shimano products. The absolute only con I would have.
By Brian
Chesapeake, VA
versatile lure
April 12, 2020
It works well as a casting jig and as a bottom jig as well. It does comes with VMC treble hooks and decent split ring. The hardware should handle anything under 30#, but definately upgrade if you are targetting tuna. The reality is you can find cheaper metals and simply custom with your own hardware. For the sake of grab and go, this sort of metal jig should be every tackle bag.
Prosgood action, great finish
Conscost- you are essentially paying 30% for a Shimano branded chunk of flashy metal.
By Sean
Hacienda Hts, CA
Tuna killer
April 10, 2020
Caught a lot of yellowfin tuna on party boat out of San Diego. Sure fire tuna killer!!
By Joe
Medford, NJ
Versatile Jig
March 24, 2020
I use these jigs in two different ways. The first of which I use these as an albie jig and keep it rigged as it comes. But my favorite way to use this lure is to take the treble hook off and replace it with a very small assist hook and use this for shallow water vertical jigging. When i vertical jig with this lure I use the smallest size that they make and use this to try to catch small bontia and bigger blue runners to use as bait for roosterfish and Cubera snapper in Costa Rica.
ProsVersatile Durable Great action Great color
By Cobb
Glenmoore, PA
Salt and frewshwater jig
March 2, 2020
Jig can be used in lakes and in the ocean we’ll worth the money
ProsUsable in many circumstances not very pricey lasts long
San Diego
March 1, 2020
First let me say, Great and fast delivery by Tackle Direct and the continued updates on your shipment is second to none. TD comes through as always their sniper stock is fantastic!! Lures are proven fish killers! I personally change out split rings to welded rings and change out stock treble hooks to a 4x hook. Tuna are starting to show so can't wait to use snipers. I've caught yellowfin, bluefin, yellowtail, groupers and wahoo on snipers!
San Diego
March 1, 2020
First let me say, Great and fast delivery by Tackle Direct and the continued updates on your shipment is second to none. Lures are proven fish killers! I personally change out split rings to welded rings and change out stock treble hooks to a 4x hook. Tuna are starting to show so can't wait to use snipers. I've caught yellowfin, bluefin, yellowtail, groupers and wahoo on snipers!
By Brian
Port St Lucie, FL
Mackerel killer
October 20, 2019
Good casting distance and the mackerel love this lure. Will be getting more in different colors
By Doug
Second Best Lake Trout Killer
August 28, 2019
While the blue and pink lure, similar to this lure was better, the blue sardine also caught lake trout. It is nice to have another lure that is also attracting fish. Gets kind of boring watching my son catch all the fish. Lake trout hit this lure pretty good and the treble hook on this lure is outstanding. I think it must be a salt water hook. I bought all the lures at 60 grams and this one and the blue and pink did the job. I never thought I'd say this but color does matter in this case. With color being third behind shape and action, it does seem to make a difference. When you are outposting 85 miles from base camp you have to have the right stuff. The blue and pink and blue and sardine were the right stuff.
By john
redwood city, CA
works perfect
August 19, 2019
with sardines the bait of choice off san diego...well..
By Edward
Cape Cod, MA
Great Jig
June 13, 2019
Great small jig!
By john
redwood city, CA
May 20, 2019
You can catch anything of any size on this jig from rockfish to bluefin. If you are going offshore fishing and you don't have several of these in different sizes (smaller seems to sometimes be better...) then your tackle box is incomplete.
Prosgood material and colors
Consprice is a bit high compared to other far more costly to make products
By Frank F.
So Cal
Sexy jig
May 15, 2019
Get bent with this
By Frank F.
So Cal
Kills fish dead
May 15, 2019
Oh yeah!
By Greg P.
Charleston, SC
Versatile and Productive Lure
May 11, 2019
Nearshore or offshore, I always have a Colt Sniper Jig rigged and ready. Catches everything with fins and teeth. Bluefish, Spanish and King Mackerel, Bonito, Blackfin Tuna, Red and Vermillion Snapper and Grouper. Cast to breaking fish or vertical jigged, the lure gets it done.
ConsDepending upon target species, replace treble with assist hook. Not really a con. Just tuning the lure for the intended target.
By Matt
Great price for a good quality jig
May 7, 2019
Used the Brown Aji for striped bass in the fall (casting/jigging). if you want to beef the jig up i would replace the standard treble hook, other than that these jigs are top notch
By hyung
dunwoody, GA
Best casting jig
April 22, 2019
Best cast and drop jig ever.
By Edward
Cape Cod, MA
Great Jig
April 19, 2019
Excellent jig. This has been a staple in my box for black sea bass. Brown Aji mimics a sand eel pretty good
By william
New Jersey
Been many days that these have saved
March 27, 2019
especially while nothing is biting off the beach, and then all of the sudden all chaos breaks loose with a striper or bluefish frenzy. Both of those fish love to gobble these jigs up if presented right
By Darth V.
wicked sick for casting and jigging, nice finish, its pretty much magical
February 18, 2019
Great iron for long casts, works well on bait rigs, it's all about the flying and magic, I love this lure, I count on it. it's also my friend.
Prosnice finish, swims well and jigs well
ConsIt doesn't talk when spoken to.
By Jessie
Worth every penny
January 22, 2019
Have an arsenal of these jigs in blue and also blue/pink and they never fail to get a strike during a bluefish frenzy and have even caught bonito on them regularly trolling the 30-40 oz
By Igor
Brooklyn NY
December 26, 2018
Catch a lot of stripers. Good lure.
By Manuel
Granada Hills, CA
Bonito Killer
November 25, 2018
Recently took a trip to Catalina Island and I could not keep the bonito off this jig. My 80g in Candy Iwashi was the golden ticket that day. I landed a total of 5 large bonito and lost 2. 3 with the 80g jig specifically. I also noticed these new 2018 models have a flatter and wider profile compared to the original colors. The holographic wrap on them also looks more nature instead of grid pattern. That might attribute to a better falling bait action and flash. I would definitely suggest the Real Iwashi and Candy Iwashi over the original colors.
ProsGreat profile (new 2018 colors look to have an updated profile. Don't know why Shimano isn't talking about that) awesome color my go to jig hooks are still sharp and strong after landing 3 large bonitos.
ConsWish that the finish was more durable. Bonita teeth scraped off parts of the jig color. Don't know how many trips until its just bare lead. split rings are not the best. would suggest upgrading.
120g great addition
November 8, 2018
Such a versatile jig. Dropping to bottom on rigs or reefs, casting from boat or shore for higher water column species. Caught a variety of fish on my recent trip to Baja
ConsStock trebles
Great Jig for the shallow rigs.
November 5, 2018
Great good jigs to use in the shallow rigs.
Lacombe, LA
Great Jig for shallow rogs
November 5, 2018
Great lite jig to fish the 50 to 135 foot deep rigs off Venice ,LA
By John
best overall jig for tuna, dorado and yellowtail
October 16, 2018
best overall jig for tuna, dorado and yellowtail
Prosbest overall jig for tuna, dorado and yellowtail
By Captain G.
Charleston SC
Colt Sniper jigs are always a standard bait on my Charter boat!
October 11, 2018
I have now been using colt snipers for over 2 years and I am still amazed at what I can catch with these jigs! I catch everything from grouper and snapper to redfish and king mackerel! They can be cast long distances to surface schooling fish, jigged on the bottom and mid depths, and reeled at different speeds to get different results! They are always on my boat! Captain Chuck Griffin Aqua Adventures LLC FishingCharleston.com
By Miguel
Orange County, CA
Best Jig you will ever Buy!
August 16, 2018
I have used these things since 2014. there are all around Fish slaying machines. from Tuna to Bass to Dorado and Bonito. I never get on a boat without a few of these in my table box. The new colors seem nice, and soon I'm sure will be landing many fish.
ProsWide Range of species will eat these. Easy to use.
ConsToothy fish will tear the finish up. Make sure to stock a few extra for fish that boil and strike hard. These also will bend if hit hard by a fish.
By Kai
Carpinteria, CA
Super versatile jig
July 31, 2017
I've caught a wide array of fish with this little lure, from calico bass to small yellowfin tuna. Only thing is change the hook, the one Shimano uses for this lure is poor quality. Replace it with a good Owner single hook, or VMC trouble.
ProsCatches about everthing
ConsShimano uses poor quality hooks. Hook replacement/upgrade required.
By Alex
California, MD
Great lure for Stripers
May 3, 2015
Great jig, I own a lot of them and they are my favorite jig for stripers when they are feeding on baitfish. I highly recommend it!
By Andrew
West River, MD
Old Reliable
December 6, 2014
These lures bring the fish in on the Chesapeake. Stripers really attack these lures, especially when they are attacking bay anchovies.

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