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By Alex
Love this Plug
January 7, 2021
I always make sure to have this plug in my bag, especially at night
ProsCasts well Good action
Consnot the most versatile
By Art V.
Ortley Beach, New Jersey
Great heavy water plug
January 2, 2021
As with all super strike plugs, well built great hardware and consistently perform. I go both ways with the little neck. In addition to using it in rough water , I also swim it in a calm surf.
By X
Great lure
December 3, 2020
I have to say they dont cast super far but look at its shape. Does work well in high current waters like rough surf and spill ways at dams.
By Brandon P.
Super Strike Bottle Plug
December 2, 2020
Fast friendly shipping from the staff at Tackle Direct.
ProsPerfect plug for those big surf kinda nights. The rattles add to the attraction of the action.
By Ted S.
Reliable company
May 18, 2020
I gave 5 stars simply because of the strong reliability Tackledirect has shown me on the following up on my orders, One particular order i didn't complete my address information to Pay Pal which resulted on the delay of one order. All i did was call customer service on the that and the issue was resolved in minutes. Oh, and the Bottle Plug works great...! Thank you TackleDirect. Ted Sanchez
ProsThis Company from east coast allows us here in the West cost the availablity to purchace items that are not readily to find here.
By Joe
Medford, NJ
Stripers and the surf
March 25, 2020
This is a great classic surf plug for the Northeast for stripers and they seem to love the odd action of this lure. It is a strangely shaped lure but it has great action and the Stripers love it.
ProsGood action Catches fish
By Michael
Morganville, NJ
most productive plug for surf
June 19, 2019
The superstrike little neck is the most productive plug in most surf conditions - especially in rough surf. It rattles so it attracts fish in dirty water and the fact that its plastic makes it indestructible. Bounce it off rocks, no problem - bluefish chewing on it all day - no problem. Hooks are stout so no modifications are needed to make it stand up to big fish. Overall its a great fish catcher.
Prosplastic - indestructible rattles - draws fish in dirty / rough conditions
By Joey
Wantagh, NY
must have in the surf bag
May 20, 2019
great distance and great in rough surf
By Maryanne
Far rockaway, NY
Excellent for rough water
April 9, 2019
Excellent for rough and turbulent waters. Casts far and will imitate bigger profile baits. Excellent swimming action, durability, and is built out of quality components (VMC, Spro)
By Michael
Saint James, NY
January 18, 2019
Excellent lure when nothing else is working! Incredible action!
By Steven F.
Long Island, NY
When the wind blows onshore and you need to reach the outer bar put this plug on.
October 27, 2018
When the wind blows onshore and you need a plug that will dig into the current and sweep this is the one. Works great while fishing inlets or canals. Current helps this lure and you can feel it really dig into rough water.
ProsLure comes with solid hardware and good hooks
By Steven F.
Long Island NY
Great in Rough Water
October 27, 2018
When the wind blows onshore and you need a plug that will dig into the current and sweep this is the one. Works great while fishing inlets or canals. Current helps this lure and you can feel it really dig into rough water.
ProsPlugs come with great hardware
ConsLure is really best in rough conditions and at night but will work during the day if you have some whitewater or current.
Medford, MA
Nice swim
October 17, 2018
Swim side to side action is good, grabs well in a bit of chop
By Lonnie
Super Strike Quality
June 3, 2018
Works great in rough surf.
ProsWell made
By Tony A.
Aptos, CA
Super Strike is the Best!
May 2, 2018
Excellent lures, great action and great quality! Enjoy!
New Jersey
SS lures are the best
April 27, 2018
High quality. Swims great
Long Island NY
Superstrike are Best
April 6, 2018
Great super strike quality and consistency. Great finish, durability and hardware. Swimmer works well in rips with heavy current and under windy rough conditions, but also performs in calmer conditions with good current when bigger baits are around. Swimming action is good.
By Frank
West Palm Beach
When white or dark won't do.
February 12, 2018
great color for when the water is a little cloudy and white is too much and dark won't do either.
Prosnice durable lure comes in many colors
By Frank
West Palm Beach
Nice lure for the inlets
February 12, 2018
Good lure for fast moving water at the inlets. size and color mimic larger baitfish.
ProsFloating with good weight for casting.
By Frank
West Palm Beach
Great lure for fast currents.
February 12, 2018
Nice lure for the jetty's and inlets or anywhere there is a lot of moving water. Just cast it out and let it swim.
ProsGood weight for casting.
By Rod
Congers, NY
A must
January 4, 2018
If you don't have one of these in your bag you need one. Excels in strong surf/current/sweep, digs in and stays straight without rolling. Very durable because these aren't wooden and come with the best hardware no need to upgrade anything.
By koo z.
North Carolina
Always gotta go with SS
November 12, 2017
Best plugs wherever there are striped bass. Always a go to so always gotta havem one in the bag.
By Matthew
Smithtown, New York
My go to lure
October 11, 2017
This is my go to lure. It catches fish, casts far, and can be used in any conditions. After you cast and feel the plug just left the rod tip and you will feel it digging in.
By Brandon
Lbi, New Jersey
October 11, 2017
Great action on this plug and the thing can take a beating.
By vgb
Cape Cod
Great caster!
October 7, 2017
Excellent casting lure, very good for rough, choppy water. You're sure to feel this one working through the water. Needs a sturdy rod to handle properly, with good backbone.
By Jim f.
Great lure!!!!
October 7, 2017
Great lure and arrived sooner than I expected
By Christopher
Brooklyn, NY
Casts like a Rocket.
June 23, 2017
My go to lure for rougher waters.
ProsExcellent hardware and durability.
By Justin B.
Harrisburg, PA
Durable and Consistent Bottle Plug
March 10, 2017
If you fish from the surf in the northeast, you should have a couple of these around for bigger water days. They're plastic, cast well, dig in, catch fish, last long, and are cost effective. Wouldn't leave home without some super strikes.
rockaway beach
Highly Recommended
February 14, 2017
this plug was recommended by several fisherman who speak highly about the super strike plugs
By Sof
Long Island
Solid bottle plug
December 18, 2016
Super strikes consistency is what draws me to their lures. Made of hard plastic, there is no fear of getting one with a defect. Casts a mile and has internal rattles
By Tony
Bayside, NY
good lure
November 24, 2016
This lure can only be fished in certain conditions: low-moderate winds, fast current. This may not be the best casting lure in the presence of hard, on-shore winds, but it excels in fast moving water. You can feel the lure working, which provides a bit more confidence in the lure. Just do a slow to moderate retrieve and let the current do all the work.
ProsGreat action in strong currents. You can feel the vibrations (swimming action). Great hardware.
ConsNot able to cast that well in hard on-shore winds.
By Chris G.
New Jersey
October 6, 2016
Can't go wrong with these SS Swimmers. Use them in the suds. They dig in and swim. Stripers can't resist.
ProsDurability VMC hooks
By Jason
Centereach, Ny
July 8, 2016
This plug is perfect for those rough conditions. Work it on the back of a wave and hold one.
ProsDurable and well made
By Kevin
Buy lure paint
June 17, 2016
Great lure but the paint job is very shotty. One fish and I am going to ha e to paint the lure myself.
ProsHas great rattles and makes a splash. Lure casts far.
ConsBe ready to touch up the colors. The paint will chip and peel first time you catch a fish.
By Sam
Bright moon
May 1, 2016
Great plug when surf is strong, purple haze I've had great success with on bright moon nights
By Alex
Pozzuoli, Italy
Bottle Plug
April 27, 2016
Perfect plug for turbulent water. In my opinion its better than Gibbs. Casts well and swims perfect. Good hooks and catches fish.
Another Great Product from SS
March 13, 2016
Casts well, maintains action in rough water, and catches fish! In beach surf / white water and strong current this plug performs well and profile and action attract strikes from big fish. Great selection of proven fish-catching colors from Super Strike - white and black have been solid producers for me at night, when I usually fish. Parrot has done well in dirty / stained water and I really like the herring color that gets fished more and catches more than all my others.
Proscasting action in rough water big / wide profile strong hard-ware pretty darn good value, like all SS products when you consider the fish they catch
By Matthew
One of my go to lures.
January 11, 2016
Super strike makes quality lures that will last a long time. I have caught a lot of fish with this lure. You can use in rough or calm surf. Casts well even in the wind.
By TonyF
Farmingdale, NY
Great plug
October 28, 2015
This is my favorite plug for Stripers and Bluefish. It works best in moving water and can be cast into a stiff wind and worked in rough conditions. My favorite color is amber I also put a single rear hook on with hackle feathers.
By Jeremy
Brooklyn, NY
Must have
June 15, 2015
This is a great lure, casts great, great action, and great quality.
ConsDidnt realize purple haze is see through. Not the same as Purple/Black. Just a heads up.
By Christopher
Long Beach, NY
Rough Surf, Great Plug
May 24, 2015
Great with rough surf and weather. Holds up in turbulence/sweep/hard currents and casts as well as any plug into on-shore wind.
By Eugenia
Pozzuoli, Italy
Very effective lure
May 19, 2015
I have caught big bluefish and 15kg Leerfish with this lure. I catch many different fish with it. It works very well when there are big waves.
By Margaret
Poughkeepsie, NY
Bottle Plug
April 18, 2015
When I fish in rough water, this will always produce cows, it's a very nice and effective lure.
By TonyF
My go to lure
April 8, 2015
I have the most confidence in this lure and use it for most applications. I have caught fish (Stripers and Blues) using this at both the jetty and open beach moving water preferably. It casts reasonably well and you can feel the lure swimming (pumping) when being retrieved. It holds up very well to Bluefish and I always carry this lure with me.
ProsCatches fish!
By Alex
Solomons, Maryland
Awesome plug!
April 2, 2015
These are very productive lures. They swim kind of like a darter but are better in the roughest water conditions!
South Miami, FL
March 18, 2015
I've fished this lure several outings and the compact nature and weight make for very long cast plus the design works well with heavy current or wave sweep. I'm going to be tossing it more often.
ProsCompact, properly weighted for long casts, heavy current use, good selection of colors although white, yellow and purple or black will do and they come in those options.
By Db
new york, NY
for rough water
March 5, 2015
This swimmer can wabling in very strong current. just cast and hold the rod.. you can feel the lure wabble..
ProsWorks on rough water
By Pawel
Huntley, Illinois
Another classic saltwater lure
January 5, 2015
Another classic saltwater lure, a must have for a serius surfcasting angler
ProsGood flyier
By HKJonathan
New York, NY
Another winner from Super Strike
December 24, 2014
This is a great casting lure with a loud a rattle which seems to be very effective in attracting fish. Definitely a classic that deserves a place in your surf bag.
By Rich
Shelter Island L.I.N.Y.
October 22, 2014
great lures catch fish to
Prosgreat casting distance
By Shane
East Setauket, NY
Amazing Lure
October 1, 2014
This lure is a must have in every surf fisherman's tackle box. Both blues and bass love them and casts a mile. Rattle is loud and works best in rough surf. Great for both day and night fishing.
ProsDurability Castability action rattle
By John
Milford, NJ
Sweet Swimmer
September 18, 2014
These really excel in rough surf...Cut through the waves well and cast great! A must have for any serious surf fisherman!
By Jonathan
Southampton, NY
Little Neck Swimmer
September 9, 2014
Great lure, strong hooks and split rings. Becoming one of my favorite and go to lures in rough surf and fast currents. Casts very well, even in strong on shore winds. Great action and the fish love it, what more can be said.
By Shaka A.
United States
Solid lure
May 4, 2014
This bottle cast like a bullet. Has a nice action and handle rough surf well.
ProsReally nice hooks
By Jon
New Jersey
Excellent Rattle
March 18, 2013
Can't beat the rattle on this one. Bluefish magnet!

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