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By Bob
SS zz6w yellow
November 1, 2022
Came highly recommended. haven't used yet but should be good for stripers
By Nick
Odessa, DE
Awesome Lure
October 5, 2022
I love the SS Zig Zag! It's consistent and has a tight zig zag.. well constructed like all SS products!
By Tim
NY Harbor
Must have current
October 1, 2022
The zig zag has killer action provided you have the right conditions. I only use the zig-zag in heavy tides and mostly fish it before dawn or just after sunset. If I don't hit within a few throws, I wind up swapping the zigzag for something I can toss farther.
ProsThe zig-zag has got a great sweep in heavy current and fishes well on a straight retrieve. Like all super strike stuff, it tough and has great color. It throws farther than my other darters, however you're still casting a darter (see cons). It catches fish at night.
ConsLike most darters, the zig-sag just doesn't throw as far as other plugs, especially in the wind. If I need distance, I can't use the plug. The doesn't seem to work as well during the day. I can't explain this one, its just something I've noticed. I haven't caught on the lure in the inner harbor, because I just don't get a lot of topwater strikes at night. I've been thinking about loading the lure to get it to sink a little. If that happens, I'll post an update.
By James
Great lure
September 22, 2022
The action is great and casts well.
By Plug n.
Great darter
September 18, 2022
Must have
By Billy
Love it
May 19, 2022
A must have fishing the surf. Front hook rotates, which is nice so you don't lose big fish. Definitely switch to inlines instead of the trebled
By Steve
Darts well
January 25, 2022
Action is a wide swimming zig zag with straight reel, twitching embellishes it. Other brands darters use a tighter wiggle side to side that differs from SS darter. This casts easily and further than similar action lures. Solid hooks and swivels to make positive hookups on many occasions. This SS and Yozuri my go to brands for darters either surf or inshore. However I don’t change out to inline hooks on the tail with SS darter, ready to go!
ConsNot sold everywhere
By Nicholas
East Brunswick, NJ
Great plug
January 15, 2022
Amazing plug with great action came in great quality
Long Island
Most consistent darter around
December 21, 2021
If you have some current and there are fish around you throw a superstrike darter. If you are in Montauk, and you don't have a Yellow Superstrike darter in your surf bag you are going to be told to leave. Just kidding of course, but these plugs excel in current and at night. And the benefit of being molded in plastic is that they will take a beating from rocks, wont swell, and always maintain their intended action. Highly reccomend for any Striped Bass angler in the Northeast.
ProsDurable Good hardware
By Steven
Long Island
Great for anywhere with current
November 22, 2021
I always carry darters when fishing any area of current. Open beaches with wave sweep, points, bars, boulder fields and inlets – the darter will work as long as there is moving water. If a spot is too rough for a darter, your next option is a bottle plug.
ProsAffordable and easy to find. They catch fish.
ConsI prefer to upgrade the hooks to 5X mustad 3/0
By Bobby
Cast far and swims great
October 31, 2021
This lure swims true and casts mile.
By R
Always works
October 2, 2021
Can’t go wrong with a yellow darter.
By Sauers
Boston MA
Quality product A++
August 28, 2021
Like any of the SS plugs this one is just another on my long list of favorites I own from them. Will always count on anything they make to produce good quality fish.
By Rob
Perfect action
July 26, 2021
This lure has something about it that just draws bites. It has great zig zagging action in any amount of current. Don't be scared to use this during the day.
ProsDurable, action, catching ability
By Hector
Carteret, NJ
Hit after hit!!!
May 2, 2021
I bought this lure from a recommendation and it's been awesome. First cast with it I hooked up within 5 spins of the reel. Didn't land the fist but the fight will on was great.
By Rob M.
Great action
April 19, 2021
Zig zag is the gold standard - and every single one has the same fish catching action. Very consistent and the best darter on the market.
ProsConsistency, hardware
By Rob
Haverhill, MA
Zig Zag catches!
April 19, 2021
SS Zig zag is the gold standard of darters. They catch fish and get bit. Both day and night. I use the black during the night and like to target areas that have some current.
ProsGreat hardware and they are consistent.
By Rob
Haverhill, MA
Tried and True
April 19, 2021
SS Zig zag is the gold standard of darters. They catch fish and get bit. Both day and night. I prefer the light color during the day.
ProsHardware, consistent action
By Steven
Long Island
Classic darter
April 3, 2021
Classic darter. Great plug. Works best in low light/nighttime conditions.
Prosawesome plug
By Rob
Haverhill, MA
The best dartah on the market
March 1, 2021
If you don't carry one of these at all times you are missing out on some fish. Great action with a straight retrieve and twitch of the rod tip every couple cranks. Works best in current.
ProsCan let it drift out in the current to get it way out there.
By X
Tried and true
December 3, 2020
Heard this was great at Montauk so i got some for the bass. Caught tons of blues ..still waiting for the stripers but it works!
By Brandon P.
Coventry, CT
Super Strike Darter
December 2, 2020
One the best baits in the market for catching striped bass in New England. Fast friendly service from Tackle Direct.
ProsBuild to last and hold up against the elements.
By Alex
Well Built Plug
November 3, 2020
Plug is absolutely beautiful. I look forward to using it for striper this Fall
By Joe
New Jersey
Great plug
June 1, 2020
Caught fish the first day it arrived
Tried an True
May 15, 2020
this is a standard tried and true plug color is great for when weakfish are around
By Joe
Medford, NJ
March 25, 2020
Stripers love this lure. It's a classic darter and has great action. Great body and profile. I prefer to replace the trebles with inline hooks, because its better for the fish and easier to unhook them, I also feel that it increased hookups.
ProsGreat action Great design
Constreble hooks
By Kent
Classic Darter
February 14, 2020
Nice movement in semi-rough waters. Must buy.
By Kenny
Columbia, Maryland
if i had to pick 1 darter this one
November 22, 2019
Low light with current is where this lure will prosper give it a quick reel to dive it then slow your retrieve so it has a nice side to side wobble
By Michael
Morganville, NJ
excellent plug
June 19, 2019
the only darter you will need - strong hardware - lasts forever
Prossturdy - consistent action
By John
Lancaster, PA
Super Strike lure
May 28, 2019
Great actions
By Maryanne
Far rockaway, NY
Works hreat
April 9, 2019
One of my favorite darters, quality components, quality construction, plastic, which will last.
ProsQuality components
ConsLimited color options
Medford, MA
October 17, 2018
Works well in a good current otherwise your retrieve will be to fast to make it dance!
Medford, MA
Solid lure
October 17, 2018
Works well in a good current otherwise your retrieve will be to fast to make it dance!
By Jordan
Hull, MA
Will not disappoint..!
August 12, 2018
Super Strike makes outright fish catchers and thus lure no exception..! Performs exceptionally in fast moving current and will hold position without fail. This product simply will not disappoint..!
By Tom M.
Brooklyn N.Y.
Just what the fish doctor ordered.
July 9, 2018
This lure is high quality right out of the package. Looks & works great.
By Lonnie
Great Lure
June 3, 2018
Cast it into the Bay and caught a fish. What else can I say .It works.
ProsWell made
Long Island, NY
Best Around
May 15, 2018
Super Strike quality as usual. Great action, good hardware. Ready to fish out of package. Fish them in rip and big bass can't resist.
By stephen
South Portland, ME
February 17, 2018
These plugs flat out catch! Ready to go out of the box!
ProsFishy, swim very well and cast ok too!
ConsColor selection.
By Joseph
Riverhead, NY
Great plug
February 6, 2018
Flys well for a darter. Great color, great action. Catches fish in the right conditions.
By Lee
Long Island, NY
Great lure at a great price!
January 18, 2018
When targeting striped bass a super strike darter is a must have. This is a great price for a great plug.
By Rod
Congers, New York
A must own
January 9, 2018
This is a staple in any serious surf fishing night bag. My go-to color is all yellow. Mostly a night fishing plug but I have caught plenty on this in the daybreak hours. Must have water movement to be fished properly.
Proscatches fish, durable with all the right hardware no need to upgrade unless you would like to add bucktail hair to the back hook
Conscant really feel it as much as some other plugs in terms of its wobble under the water but you just have to trust that it is doing what its supposed to
By Chris
Montauk, NY
A must have for any striper fisherman
September 6, 2017
My go-to plug at night. Throw em in a rip dig em in, slow retrieve and hang on.
ProsCast pretty well Good hardware Durable
ConsPrice. They are expensive
By Ben
Wichita ks
Super strike zig zag
August 13, 2017
Great lure for the purpose design to catch your trophy fish. Effortless on the angler part with well designed colors hooks n durability. Looking forward to the New England area next year for my stripers trip.
ProsLarge enough lure for striper fishermen.
By Kai
Carpinteria, CA
Works at night
August 2, 2017
I have caught zero fish with this lure during the day, even at dawn or dusk. I was going to give up on it until someone said to fish it in the dark. Well, I caught a fish. Still not my favorite lure.
By ERiver
Long Island, New York
July 14, 2017
I've always been hesitant to buy this plug because the waters I mostly fish are calm. I was wrong. Plug is a super producer at night even in. Alter waters using a slow reel speed with occasional rod twitches. Definitely a night plug.
By Justin B.
Harrisburg, PA
Consistent and Durable Plug
March 10, 2017
If you fish the surf in the northeast, you should have one of these in your bag. They cast well, catch fish, and last longer than wooden plugs. They also cost a fair amount less than their wooden counter parts.
By Jeff
awesome plug
October 26, 2016
Awesome lure right of package already catching 20lbers with it super strikes rock!!!
By Richard
Colonia, NJ
Great moving plug
September 12, 2016
This plug casts and swims great. Have the midnight massacre color and it looks great as well. Great for night surf fishing
By Hesham
Great lure
May 10, 2016
The action of this lure is irresistible and it cast great.
By Rich
Nantucket, MA
Haven't fished them yet.
May 7, 2016
I havent fished these yet as sxhoolie stripers have just started to come around. I suspect that once the bigger fish get here these will slay them.
ProsCast well Dig into current and sweep well

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