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By Chris
hit and miss
February 19, 2022
i have an 8000 size. i must say that i really like how light it is and i like the feel of the reel overall. the drag is stronger than the reel and the reel will fleck under load a bit. i did have an issue when it was colder at night with the drag being so tight it would basically lock up. this would go away once the sun came out and the day warmed up.
Proslight. price.
Consflex. drag seems to be affected by heat and cold.
By Mark
Waste of money
August 22, 2021
I've owned many 100 dollar reels in the past and this reel is a piece of junk. If you need a reel for just one trip than this will work. The drag clicker broker within one use, the handle is very wobbly and squeaky, and reeling is not smooth at all. If you are going to spend the money on this, get a daiwa bg or shimano spheros.
By Fred
July 30, 2021
Excellent reel really enjoyed fishing with this reel
ProsPower handle
ConsNone yet
By Peter
Long Beach, NY
Best Surf Reel for the Price Category!
June 29, 2021
The shield takes abuse from the salt, sand, and water and prevents them from entering the inside of the reel. It may not be the smoothest reel so if you do not plan on getting this reel wet then I would go to other products but for surf and jetty fishing this is a must. Plus they have a excellent 1 year warranty.
ProsPrice Practically completely seal
Consnot the smoothest
By Shevy
Half Moon Bay, CA
Over Rated
June 18, 2021
Tsunami designed this reel with one thing in mind, resist corrosion. And it does not do that very well, the reel started ceasing up within 6 months of moderate use while surf fishing (never dunked). Initially the reel is very smooth, light, looks good, and has good line capacity. However the bail, reel seat, and handle feel very cheap and bendable. If you fish with this reel for long enough you can tell it has cheap components. I've been through 2 of these, both ceased, and have had the bail bend after dropping it twice. It's a good entry level surf reel, but it's over rated, I'm much happier with my PENN Spinfisher.
ProsVery smooth, price, light, looks good, and has good line capacity.
ConsCheap construction, not as sealed as marketed, ceases up and breaks easily.
By Matt
So far so good
May 12, 2021
Bought these for my kids to use and so far they’ve been great. They cast well, reel smoothly. Paired them with Offshore Angler Gold Cup 7’ rods. Good affordable reels.
By Curtis M.
Southern California
Solid Reel for the Money
November 30, 2020
For around $100 this reel has features that make it great value. I got it for surf fishing but it's really a versatile size that can perform varied styles and functions.
By Curt M.
Southern California
Excellent Quality to Price Ratio
November 22, 2020
This reel delivers way more quality than you would expect at the price. I'm just getting back into fishing after over a decade hiatus and back in the day a reel of this quality and features would have been priced near the top end of the market. I usually avoid Chinese-made products like the plague (no pun intended) but this is an example of a company that is right on top of the quality control at their Chinese manufacturer.
ProsWater-resistant seals All metal construction Soundness of overall design Handle is strong yet light with nice ergonomics Spool is braid-ready
ConsSpool is on the small side for a 3000 Not as free-spinning and smooth as a Daiwa, but that's a function of the water-resistant design so this isn't really a con
By Brian
Chesapeake, VA
good for the money
September 12, 2020
relatively lightweight vs the competition and well built, not as smooth as a Shimano nor Daiwa- comparable to Penn without the weight
Prosgood price
By Matt
Plymouth, Massachusetts
Excellent throw away reel
September 12, 2020
Bought this reel last off season, initial hopes were high. Seemingly very well built, nice and smooth out of the box, and a decent drag. After 5 months of fairly light use the bearings started to make noise. During disassembly for service, both side plates were too tight for the factory tool to handle, and the inserts stripped out almost instantly. Grabbed the trusty vice grips, and instantly the threads ripped out of the case rendering the entire case and side plates useless.
ConsSub par materials used
By Sead
richmond virginia
Beast of a reel
June 2, 2020
This was my first "pricey" reel and it was worth every penny. It's built amazingly and durable, since it was weather sealed i didnt have to worry about it dropping the sand, and when it did i just washed it out with saltwater and didnt have any issues with it.
By ChuckD
Clayton, NC
Looks great, light
March 19, 2020
Seems like many of the bugs that impacted this reel are worked out. Checked out several, they were smooth and super light
By Kenny
Columbia, Maryland
Really love the company but this reel eh
November 20, 2019
Reel started to become a bit grindy after a couple outings with very few fish (bad season) I typically rinse after every usage so I don't see how it could've corroded in such a short time maybe I just got a bad batch but it was fine when out the package brand new with the first few outings
By Michael
Satellite Beach, FL
I wanted to love this reel
September 26, 2019
I have now bought 5 Tsunami reels, 4 Guards and this Shield. All of them had issues that needed addressing. Quality control is bad on these. I would not recommend them. Save the money and get something nice like a Slammer or a Saragosa.
By william
New Jersey
Normally a huge supporter of this company
April 5, 2019
Never had a single problem with any of their rods to date and still love them, but their spinning reels on the other hand not so much. I made the mistake of recommending them to a friend who was just getting into surf fishing at the time on a budget. Seems as though he had the same problem as a few other people detailed in their reviews here and on other sites with a distinct clunking in the reel after minimal use. He swapped the reel for another new one and the same problem occurred with that one. This time he just spent the extra $ and went with a Penn, and could not be happier.
By thomas r.
wall nj
October 18, 2018
Blew the gear 3rd use.
Long Island NY
Nice Reel
July 26, 2018
Paired with Tsunami Trophy jigging spin rod for fluke buck tailing. Good price and solid construction, sealed up top of it. Smooth operation. Overall good reel for price.
By Todd
Plainfield, CT
Rough from the start
April 24, 2018
Bought a Shield 4000 with high hopes of an affordable and sealed reel to use inshore fishing. The reel never felt completely smooth out of the box, but not bad for a $100 reel. Filled the spool and went fishing. After a few hours the reel developed a clunk when retrieving a lure. Sent it back to TD for a replacement. I get the new one and it feels worse than the first one! This time I send it to Bimini Bay directly. I get the same reel back and and a letter that states they notice the clunk, but it doesn't effect the reels functionality and that they don't have any new reels they can give me. Now I have to send it back to TD again for a return. I have spent 1/3 the cost of the reel shipping it around to get nowhere. I know it's no Stella or Van Staal, but for $100 you'd expect to get a well functioning reel at least from the start. Don't think it's possible to get a great reel for $100? Try a Daiwa BG. Smooth as glass and a higher quality build. Want a cheaper sealed reel? Do yourself a favor and spend the extra few bucks to get a Penn Spinfisher V.
ProsLightweight Looks good
ConsFlimsy build quality Started breaking down quickly
By David G.
tough for price BUT...
March 14, 2018
using 40lb braid the braided line gets stuck inbetween the black spacer and the roller on the bailed roller part....EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING when i retrieve....there is not an allen wrench setting to tighten...i suggest using epoxy to fill in between black spacer and roller on the bailed roller part
Prosnice eva foam handle and holds lots of line
Consas stated earlier 40lb braid gets stuck inside the black spacer when retrieving
By Jeffrey H.
Rockport, Texas
Very good reel
March 2, 2018
Had this reel for just a short time. Was knocked off the jetty in Port Aransas twice, the reel went swimming with me. Pulled in 1 redfish 26 inches. I fished around 6 hours, the reel is still as if I just pulled it out of the box. Awesome reel. I'm very happy.
ProsPrice, looks and smooth. And I must add Customer service was great and answered all my questions. There is great staff working there.
ConsWish I bought one sooner, at least I bought from the right people.
By Luke
Orlando, Florida
Solid reel for the price
February 25, 2018
Very solid reel for the price point. I live in Florida and am an avid saltwaterfisherman. I have the 5k and am pleased so far, the one complaint I would have is the first o e I got came with a loud squealing sound but tsunami immediately replaced it and my new one it flawless, I have caught dozens of slot to above slot snook, 40+ inch reds and tarpon up to 80lbs with out an issue. I do take good care of my gear so that may influence the longevity of my gear. But if you are not the best at reel maintnece the seals will be a nice added insurance.
ProsSealed Light wheight Smooth drag Affordable Good costumer service
ConsNot very good quality control so you may get a dud and have to return it
By Brian B.
New City, NY
I hope they don't up the price.....
January 31, 2018
I purchased this reel along wth a new pole from tackle direct back in early september 2017. I watched a youtube video of a guy bury this reel in the sand fully for 10 seconds. Pull it out, shake it off and cast it and it worked beautifully. I immediately ordered one and a week later was fishing it in Sandy Hook NJ. Outstanding feel to this reel. Super smooth reel action. The drag will lock down stopped when engaged all the way. It's by far one of the best reels i've ever purchased and it was only about $120 when comparable reels are between $300-$800. Ps- about an hour after using it i buried it in the sand, picked it up, shook it off and made a beautiful cast with it. The 13 seals in this reel truly does keep the sand out of your reel 100%. Now, Tsunami does not advise reeling this reel underwater, however I've seen it done in videos and i even took a few wavea to the chest this season in mid reel and i wasnt about to blow the perfect presentation i had going cause of a little water.....so i've reeled underwater and it still worked beautifully and ended up with no sand or grit inside my reel. Like i said one of the best purchases and the best reel for the money in my opinion.
Pros13 seals in reel to keep out sand and grit Can stand up ro a rough life of fishing There is a "bailless" kit available for thos reel which i have and love. Removes the bail and slows for alimmer profile of reel
By HKJonathan
New York, NY
Look elsewhere
January 9, 2018
I bought it after reading all the favorable opinions about how great it is. After my first schoolie, this reel developed a clunk in the retrieve. I can't say anything about the sealing on this reel since, but for similar (or less) money, the Daiwa BG is a MUCH better reel although it is not sealed.
ConsCheap construction, weak gears
By JoeD
Great reel at s great price
December 23, 2017
Very well made reel with a smooth drag. Used it for the first time while on vacation in the Florida keys. Handled hard fighting jacks with no problem. Love this reel.
ProsLight, corrosion resistance, smooth operation.
Durable reel
December 1, 2017
I been using this reel for about whole season surf fishing. This reel is still smooth and works well.
Prosseals keeps the water out. smooth reel.
Consdrag knob seems little too plasticky
By basil g.
tsunami shield reels
November 11, 2017
I bought the 4000 & 6000 due to the looks! if they begin to fail after heavy fish, why not update the gears, like S/S??? a mild increase in price wouldn't bother me.
Light and tough
October 11, 2017
Great reel. It is very light but tough. I have fought big blues and strippers with this reel.
ProsTough but light, no wind knots. Priced to sell
ConsFoam knob gets dirty but cleans up with a rinse of water.
By Mack
Cape Cod
August 21, 2017
If your serious about striper fishing don't bother with this reel spend another 100 bucks and go with something with better quality, I purchased the 6000 and loved this reel at first catching schoolies in the spring but when the big fish came around this reel fell apart, after the first couple of 20/30 pounders it started making clicking sounds on retrievals, bail loved to slam shut and it flexed when big fish were on. And to top it all off the reel handle actually backed off while in a rod holder on the boat and fell overboard, so now the whole reel is somewhere off Martha's Vineyard in about 50 feet of water. Basically you get what you pay for...
ProsProbably the best reel for 100 bucks
ConsIt's a reel for 100 bucks...
By Peter V.
Connelly Springs, North Carolina
August 14, 2017
Rod definitely looks great. Knob on the reel handle feels great for the 5000 size.
ProsLooks and feels great.
ConsA bit heavy, but maybe just for me.
By Larry
Long Beach, Long Island
Really nice surf reel
July 19, 2017
I paired this up with a Saint Croix Legend, perfectly balanced outfit. Got hit by a wave, no problem, the seals kept the salt water out. Rinsed it off with fresh water and was really for the next day in the surf.
ProsSeals keep out salt water
Consnone I can see at this point
By Dan
West Long Branch, NJ
A stronger reel than expected
July 15, 2017
I bought the 4000 sized reel after speaking with one of the customer service reps and it was a great move. I paired this reel up with a G Loomis GL3 so I could have an ultralight cast all day combo. Currently using for the fluking and seabass season.
ProsGreat value and well built
By Christopher
Brooklyn, NY
Tsunami hits a Grand Slam
June 23, 2017
Hard to believe the amount of reel you get for the price. Always loved Tsunami for the quality / price ratio and this reel makes me a Tsunami fanatic.
ProsWeight, seals.
ConsNot the greatest pinion but let's see how it holds up after a few years.
By Joan
Staten Island, NY
Great reel!
June 22, 2017
Light, smooth and powerful. Too soon to give it 5 stars as I haven't had to open it up yet to service it. Haven't dunked it yet either.
By Josoph D.
New Jersey
Super light!!!
February 1, 2017
Great reel. Nice and light w/ a lot of power.

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