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By Rich
Great bait
October 30, 2022
I have had a ton of success with this bait all summer and early fall for largemouth bass. Hard to beat for the price it simply gets the job done.
By Donald S.
North Billerica, MA
Just what I expected, good quality now all I need is about 3 weeks of rain.
September 3, 2022
Just what I expected, good quality, now all I need is about 3 weeks of rain
ConsNone that I can think of
By Adrian
Boston, MA
Beast color
July 27, 2022
Elders magic. Great in between color for muddy grass and pads. Also works well on overcast days.
By Adrian
Chartreuse tip great enticer
July 26, 2022
Under murkier or overcast conditions, grab a chartreuse tip dinger. The tail is the part of the bait that flutters, and the color contrast causes bass to annihilate this bait
By Adrian
Old reliable
July 26, 2022
Will catch fish anywhere. Great action, and way more durable and affordable than yamamotos, however something about the original senkos just flat out catch more fish. My guess is yamamotos are more dense and therefore sink faster and have more fluttering movement, but they rip apart after 1 or 2 fish, whereas each of these guys will last you a dozen or more. Dingers ftw.
By Joseph
Barnegat, NJ
Yum Dinger
June 29, 2022
Great senko! For the money, these are hard to beat. Tons of colors and decently durable.
By Patrick
Dallas, TX
Great Value
June 5, 2022
Hard to beat the value for these. Nice slow fall which drives shallow bass insane. Texas rig with a bullet weight or wacky rig and add nail weights when fishing deeper water.
By Curtis
Walnut, CA
Fish can't resist
September 4, 2021
This bait will get bites, no doubt about it.
By kyle
pottsboro texas
yum dinger
August 29, 2021
great product at a great price
By kyle
pottsboro texas
yum dinger
August 29, 2021
great bait
By kyle j.
pottsboro texas
yum dinger
August 29, 2021
great product
By Kaden
good for price
August 20, 2021
cheap compared to senkos
By Brad
August 12, 2021
Bass love them.
By Ray
, The other side of Massachusetts
July 27, 2021
After using both the Dinger and the " Big Name" stick, Dinger wins hands down! Over time I have discovered just a very slight dusting of garlic powder enhances the Dinger and it outperforms any stick that I have used ( 50+ years fishing).
ProsHalf the price of the "Big Name", holds up well with O ring for wacky rig.
ConsLaminate Dingers have inconsistent color separation ( Red Shad).
By Don
One of my go to's
May 26, 2021
They catch a lot of fish multiple colors
By Don
Great ptoduct
May 26, 2021
Clone for Senko's
By Daniel
Leominster, MA
Great gear.
March 29, 2021
Really good senko here. I think they last longer then most competition. Watermelon red flake always seem to do the trick.
By Matt
Greatest stick bait
February 3, 2021
All I use. Best value on the market
By William
Sharon, MA
Better Value than Senkos
November 30, 2020
Bass love em, use Texas rigged, wacky, and straight. Catches fish as good as Yamamotos for 1/3 the price
By John
Southern New England
Yum Dinger Watermelon Gold Flake
August 31, 2020
I live in southern New England and concentrate on bass in the summer months. I use this color as a wacky worm when the sun is out, feeling the sparkling gold flakes reflect sunlight and bring strikes from fish.
By Jerry
Fayetteville, North Carolina
August 20, 2020
I was told by a friend in my church that this color Dinger should be "Outlawed" because it catches to many bass & Jacks. I knew the color was a good one for lizards but had no idea this bait would be so productive. Bass just chock-it, so change the name to" The Outlaw Worm"
By Ame
Chicago, Illinois
July 7, 2020
The natural color is perfect for bass
By Benjamin S.
Naples, FL
Yum dinger
June 9, 2020
watermelon seed awesome color
By Annie
Carrollton, TX
Bass love them
May 10, 2020
This bait just pure catches fish.
Catches Fish
May 8, 2020
Tin Foil color looks great in the water.
ProsAttracts Bass
By Linda H.
great for wacky style
May 6, 2020
fish on Rayburn like them and they hold together better than senkos
By Linda H.
great for wacky style
May 6, 2020
hold together better than senkos and fish on Rayburn like them
By Manuel
Reston, Virginia
3" Assasin
May 4, 2020
I couldn't believe how lethal this Dinger is! I use the 3" - 4" on my drop shot and get hit after hit!
ProsVery durable; great price
By Dan B.
January 24, 2020
Just got back from a fishing trip to Lake Baccarac in Mexico. Luckily I received my delivery 2 days before the trip. I purchased the Watermelon Red Flake and the Green Pumpkin / Chartreuse tail along with Pumpkin Pepper color. The Watermelon Red Flake worked the best with the Green Pumpkin / Chartreuse tail second. Well let me tell you, I throw a lot of Sweet Beaver baits and Lizards , but after using these 2 colors and baits.....Texas Rigged.....I put down the other baits. Fishing with a friend that throws Lizards most of the time, and after out fishing him like 5 to one, he finally put one on......well he could not stop using it after that. This bait just flat out catches fish. I have not even tried it out wacky style yet! Love the slot that Yum puts in the bait for Texas rigging.
ProsSlot in the bait really helps Texas rigging!
ConsThere just are no Cons! This bait just works.
By Edward S.
Fort Worth TX
My Go to Color in any condition / Luv 'em
November 21, 2019
The chartreuse pepper Yum Dinger is my go to color anytime of the year here in North Central Texas and has helped me catch dozens of largemouths over 5 pounds consistently...
By Edward S.
Fort Worth TX
November 21, 2019
One of my go to lures when the bass are finicky or chasing perch and bluegills. The luminescent color invites "hit like a truck" bites. Love my Yum Dingers, help me catch double digit weights bass. I prefer throwing them weedless/weightless or whacky rigged.
By techboy1006
A Great Substitute for Yamamoto Baits
September 18, 2019
I use these baits all the time.
Pros3X cheaper than Yamamota's Very close color matches Last much longer
ConsVery limited color selection in the 6 inch length
By Mike
Cortland, OH
Great alternative to more expensive stick baits
August 5, 2019
I love the other options and perhaps notice a slightly different action with the big player in the stick bait game, but the price and the weedless cutout (which saves causing extra damage to the bait) for the hook are both extremely appealing. Simple bait that are widely available and inexpensive. I use the Morning Dawn most often and it has worked when nothing else would when T-rigged and worked slow.
Pros-Inexpensive -Sold everywhere -Plenty of colors -Hook recess for easy rigging
Cons-Seems to have a slightly different action than the more expensive option,but this may be in my head and they still catch fish
By Jake
Parkland, Fl
Great bait
June 20, 2019
Great bait for bass, snakehead, mayans and more caught a nice bass with it wacky rigged
By Michael H.
Elk Grove Ca
Yum Dinger
August 23, 2018
Caught my California State Record Bluegill on the 5in Smoke Red Pepper Dinger
By Jessie
Know a lot of guys that use these to replace sand eels on striper and bluefish setups
July 13, 2018
Work decently well as an artificial setup for sand worms when fluking and sand eels while bassing or blue fishing.
Prosgreat to have around in a pinch if you run out of bait.

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