Mauricio from Colombia asks: I just came from a fishing trip to Colombian Pacific Oceans. Lots of yellowfin tunas in 40 to 50 pounds range. Some Dorados of 30 pounds and sailfish of 90 - 100. My equipment is very old and heavy. Senator 114H and a rod Senator special. I was very tired after each fight.I need to replace my old equipment for a new one. First question is Conventional or Spinning? Most of the time we fish with live baits from the boat but we trolling lures as well and some times slow jigging for Cubera snappers and groupers. My budget is $400 - 500 for the reel and the rod. I will use Power Pro to spool the reel. If Conventional I will buy a Torium 16HGA, If Spinning a Daiwa Saltist 4500H. I want a light equipment. What do you think about? Conventional or Spinning. Additionally can you recommend a rod to match each reel??? I will appreciate your advice.

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