Rupert Ehmer from Austria asks:
I am fishing in Austria on a big river ,, Donau " ., .i started fishing with a bait caster a year ago . I bought a rod Benkei BIC 68BB Lure 1-3oz with Abu Garcia Revo Beast 7,1:1 .Revo beast is ok ,but with this rod i can not trow any lures which are 3/4oz ,because i do not match enough trowing distance . I am fishing for pike perch ( Zander) from the shore .There are also occasionally catfish (Wels Waller) . i mainly fish whithrober baits with jighwads .I would like a rod with a casting weight about 1/4or3/8oz--to 1 3/4 - 2.....oz . Which rod you commend me ? Please give me a hint . I would be happy to get an offer from you . Best regards from Austria! Rupert Ehmer

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