Grindin'78 from Brooklyn, NY asks:
I like short rods usually under 6'6'' for party boat fishing and I don't like to take my expensive rods due to some rough handling and breaking in the past by deck hands.  I really like the 5'8"  and at a great price.  The mono range is right where it should be for my usage, but if I wanted to fish 50-65lb braid which is lighter than it's rated for it shouldn't have much of a negative performance effect going a little lighter would it?  This would be kind of a beater set up for me. Sort of like the cheap used auto you bought that will get the job done.  Probably pair it with my Release SG,  Okuma Metaloid 5II, Accurate 870N or Shimano Torium 30 depending on whether I'm going with mono or braid and what and how I'm fishing for the day.    Do you think it would still be a good choice for the charter boat beater rod?  Can't beat the price!!!

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